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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unique Weight Loss Tips

One should remember that if a weight loss program is to be started that it should never be rushed, as these things will take time and effort in the long run. However there are many things to consider with whatever diet or caloric intake program you are on.

Remember to eat only when you are hungry, not as an appetizer or an after dinner snack. A good three meals a day will be sufficient to serve your needs. Include in your diet lots of water, it will help your cells expunge toxins and replenish your energy. 80% of our body is water so this is necessary.

Exercise as often as possible and at the very least keep fit. Inactivity will only promote your body to store more fat and heighten your glycogen levels, and the less you sweat the more your body will be unable to purge itself of toxins. Go out for a 2 mile walk, play with the pets and the children, and allow yourself a lot of sun to absorb during this time.

Make sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. The necessary intake of fiber will help your body rid it of extra weight. A good goal to set would be 5-9 fruits and/or vegetables per day. Nutritionists recommend 50% of your diet to be raw foods. These can include foods like raw Cocoa and raw vegetables.

Supplementation can also be a huge key factor along with weight loss and exercise. Along with Raw foods, Superfoods such as Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Flax Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Cocoa and Greens blends can bolster your immune system and in turn make you feel full. Remember that 80% of your immune system is in your digestive tract.

In all circumstances try to avoid alcohol and sugar. Make sure to replace sugars with fruits if possible, and limit yourself to no more than a drink every other few days (if you do drink regularly). Try to find alternative approaches to manage stress and stress factors. Exercise your free time with books, music or meditation.

You can also apply a mono diet, where you only eat one thing at a time or several small things during the day if you can't follow a 3 meal a day course. Researchers found that people that eat 4-5 small single meals a day were shown to exhibit better weight and appetite control.

And when your cooking, replace the iodized salt with sea salt. Add some herbs and/or spices to your food. Sea Salt and black pepper are excellent examples. This will have a purging effect on your system and will also purify your blood. If your going to cook your vegetables, make sure to flash fry them for a short amount of time (no longer than 3-5 minutes) so they retain 90% of the nutrients they came with when they were fresh.

Make sure to enjoy the foods you like with a smile! As long as you are supplementing yourself with proper fibers and vitamins (fruits, vegetables, raw foods, superfoods) and taking a viable amount of water and exercise in your system, then go for it! The isolation of your body from your favorite foods can lead to a feeling of deprivation and subsequently unsatisfactory feeling of exhaustion. Do not cut out your favorite foods entirely, simply eat them less often than normal.

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