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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Try To Lose Weight? Many Serious Diseases Corellate To Excess Weight - Learn To Diet Correctly

The correlation between excess weight and heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and joint disease is familiar to most of us. We've heard about it for many years. Lately we've also been hearing of the newer studies which also show a correlation between obesity and cancer.

Research over the past two decades have shown a link between obesity and cancer of the esophagus, kidney, uterus, breast, colon. There is an indication that obesity may also cause an increase in cancers of the gallbladder, ovaries, and esophagus.

You must learn proper nutrition, and what makes a diet the "correct diet", to protect your health.

It has been estimated by the American Cancer Society that as many as 20% of cancers may be caused by excessive body weight. The incidence of obesity and overweight is not abating and has been considered to have reached epidemic proportions. This means that it is likely we will also see an increase in the incidence of cancer in the future.

Exactly why there is a relationship between cancer and obesity is not clear at this time. Data indicates in many of the cases that the cancer may be connected with estrogen. Fat cells are known to produce estrogen. It is speculated that the production of estrogen by excessive fat cells may simply be too much of a burden for the body to bear resulting in the development of cancer cells, particularly in the lining of the uterus (endometrium), kidney, and breast. Fat cells also produce a hormone called leptin which has been implicated in the development of colon cancer.

Obesity has also been implicated in the failure to detect breast cancer early because of the increased difficulty in proper examination of the breast. The longer breast cancer goes undetected, the greater the likelihood that treatment will be ineffective. If most of the fat is located in the abdomen (rather than the hips, buttocks, legs) there is also a greater risk of breast cancer.

The relationship between obesity and uterine cancer has been well established for many years. However, newer studies have shown that there may be a four-fold increase in the incidence of cancer of the uterus when women are obese. It has been speculated that this relationship is caused by estrogen and high levels of insulin in the bloodstream in the presence of obesity.

High levels of insulin in the obese has been implicated in the development of colon cancer as well. This is particularly true of those who carry the bulk of their weight around the middle (abdominal obesity). The incidence of cancer in these cases is reduced if the individual is physically active. Another good reason to exercise!

The correct diet is essential in order to pre-emptively combat these diseases, before they compromise your quality of life.

Learn the right way to eat, and Protect Your Health! If you're serious about your health, I'll help you.

By Sue Bristol, R.N.

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