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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Diets Don't Fail - People Do! How to Be Successful on ANY Diet

This is true! Of all the diets out there, some are good for you, some not so good. All of them, if followed to the letter, will make you lose weight, as actual weight loss is a simple equation. This article won't go into detail about how to determine a good or bad diet - that's a whole other story... what I want to talk about here is how to SUCCEED on any diet you undertake!

What is the number one reason that most people do not successfully lose weight? They don't stick to their diet plan! Have you ever been on a diet and found yourself 'starting again' every Monday? Have you stuck faithfully to a plan only to find a few weeks later that you've fallen off the wagon, stopped dieting and simply returned to your old habits?

When I say diets don't fail, people do, this is exactly what I mean. The diet didn't fail you - you failed the diet by not sticking to it. But you really want to lose weight, right?

So how do you overcome the biggest challenge dieters face: being on a diet?

Don't sacrifice what you REALLY want, for what you want RIGHT NOW.

The reason most people fall off of a diet is because they succumb to immediate temptation. They act to satisfy cravings and desires - what they WANT in the moment, above satisfying their desire for what they really want in the long-term - to lose weight!

Let me demonstrate this with a pile of donuts....

Let's say you are on an 8 week diet plan and at the end of those 8 weeks, you will have the body you've always dreamed of. I bring you into a room and in front of you are two objects.

One is a pile of donuts; as many as one person could possibly eat in 8 weeks.

One is your perfect body; ready for you to step straight into it and make yours.

You have to choose one. Which one would you go for?

The Perfect Body of course!

It seems very clear when it's put like that. Now, I'm going to reduce the pile of donuts to one single, lonely cake. I'm going to put it on the table in your kitchen where I know you'll see it. You are 4 weeks into your diet.

The image of your perfect body is hidden. NOW which one do you chose? As you read this you KNOW you shouldn't take the donut. If this scenario was REAL, you'd know you shouldn't take the donut. But a large percentage of dieters will!

In reality, there's no donut on your table. In everyday life, the opportunities to cheat on your diet are often a lot more difficult to avoid - there are social situations, times when you can't find the right food, stress at work, feeling that you'll never get to your goal...

So what do you do?

There is a difference between the scenario with the donut pile and the scenario with the lone cake - can you spot it?

It was easier to make the choice, and to make the RIGHT choice, in the first example. It's not because you couldn't eat a whole pile of donuts(!) but because the image of you achieving your goal was there and it was real. In the second example, all you had to focus on was the cake!

This resulted in you going for the cake (what you wanted right then) over what you really want (and want MORE than you want the cake) which is to lose weight.

You must make sure that you can see your goal clearly and have it in front of you at all times!

With your goal in the front of your mind, it's easy to choose between two options - succeed or fail. Keep your goal in mind. It takes practice. It's a skill and it's one that anyone can learn.

Even before you start your diet, take some time to decide on your goal. Write it down and with put down everything achieving your goal will mean to you. Most of us don't just want to lose weight. We want to lose weight because it will make a difference to our lives, whether that's being able to have children, feel more confident, keeping or attracting a partner... dig deep and find all the reasons you want to lose weight and work on how good you will FEEL once you have achieved it.


Now that you have your goal set, take time every day to visualise your success in your head. Make it as real as you possibly can, not just a picture of a 'new' you, I want you to really step into the image and try out your new body, see how people react differently to you, how you will feel, what you're wearing....

When you get good at bringing forward this vision, I want you to remember the lonely donut. Hold the two visions in your head. Look at the donut and say NO! Look at the new you and say YES! Keep swapping between the two... NO, YES, NO, YES!

What we focus on, we get more of.

Ever notice how when you look for something you start to see it everywhere? If you want to buy a certain car, do you suddenly start to see more of them on the road? I know you do, because that's how our brains are wired.

So the MORE you focus on your goal, and keep it in your thoughts as you go through your day, the EASIER is will be to stick to your diet.

The diet won't fail - and neither will you!

A few moments a day is all you need and very soon you'll join the elite club of SUCCESSFUL dieters who've made decisions to get what they REALLY want... and got it.

Joanne Milsom is a leading Personal Trainer and Diet Coach who has helped thousands of people achieve their goals over the last decade. She is the author of the book Dumbells Are A Girl's Best Friend and creator of The 8 Week Diet Programme.

If you're looking to lose weight, you can find more information about The 8 Week Diet here: or you can contact Joanne directly at

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