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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Does Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?

There are various ways in which you could easily answer the question does vinegar help you lose weight? Vinegar is often consumed during or after meals but most people prefer it with meals. Studies have actually shown that people who consume at least two table spoons of vinegar in a day are capable of losing up to 1 pound per week. So if you are aspiring to lose weight, try putting it each day in your dinner and see one of these fantastic results.

Reducing your appetite:

Most obese people find it quite hard to stay off food. In particular they are obsessed with junk food which is highly packed in calories. If you are one of the people who find it hard to stay off food especially junk food, putting vinegar in your food may be a short term solution. At first you may require not just little vinegar but a larger serving might do. Be careful however because this is not a long term solution to losing weight.

Flushing the body:

Vinegar is great in flushing the body. At the same time it ensures that you are dehydrated. At least two table spoons of vinegar will help flush the toxins out of the body. Similarly when you are hydrated the body is able to burn the excess fats making it easy for you to lose weight. All you need is two table spoons and you will not only be hydrated but will be some pounds lighter.

The role of acetic acid:

Vinegar contains acetic acid. This acid plays an essential role in ensuring that the excess glucose is turned into energy rather than fats which you will find difficult to get rid of. So at the end of the day if you consume way too much sugar than the body needs, it will not be turned into fats and you will not add weight. That is as long as you make sure you take a table spoon of vinegar or two in your diet. Thus essentially, as long as you eat healthy foods, it will speed up digestion and the fat will be changed again.

Best vinegar:

While many people are using vinegar to lose weight, the problem is that they are not using the best or recommended type of vinegar. The reason is because most of the vinegars found in the groceries do not offer the overall health benefits that they are supposed to. Always go for the vinegar that is not pasteurized or the one that is in raw form. Just to mention a few that I know, Bragg offers the best brand of unpasteurized vinegar. In fact, it lists one of the benefits as weight control.

However, if you find vinegar unpleasant because of how it tastes, there are other good tasting brands. Balsamic this is highly tasty and good for dressing your food could be the solution to this problem. In fact, it is made from grapes which have too been found to be helpful in helping lose weight. So do not be afraid, the good taste is not from sugars, I know many people who want to lose weight are quite watchful with calories.


The very thing you should be watchful about is the use of vinegar supplements. I am not saying that the supplements are not beneficial but the ingredient that helps in weight loss is acetic acid. Often, this is not present in most of the supplements you will find in the market.

So if you want to lose some pounds, remember to put vinegar in your next meal. Indeed, "does vinegar help you lose weight" is a question worth keeping in mind.

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