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Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Lose Weight Without Any Exercise

I always receive a lot of questions from my readers but the question they often ask is how can they lose fat easily without exercise. I believe it has turn out to be a very significant issue that is why I have decided to share my tips in this article. I know there are many guides and materials available on the internet from different sources, but you don't need to confuse. I have prepare simple methods you can apply from today and start seeing result very fast.

1) You need to know what you really want. This simply means that you have to see the future of your new look from today. I mean how you would like to see yourself and in that new desire figure you wish to have.

2) Set a time frame. You must set a time line by which you wish to decrease definite amount of fat and take note of it every day.

3) Decide what you eat. You need to make up your mind on the kind of food you eat. Not all foods are good for your body, there are some you should not even touch at all. Make a quick search on Google on low calories food and you will see list of them.

4) Make a list of those foods you should not eat. Since these food may have been in your normal diet, even if I know you want to lose fat very fast you should not ignore these foods all together. Rather find some good alternatives. For instance as an alternative of taking red meat take fish or chicken, similarly instead of carbonated drinks you can take pure fresh juice (not packaged one).

5) Be mindful of the magnitude of permissible foods you eat. Instead of eating bowl full of nuts, just take a little quantity as in a small handful.Eat the food slowly and chew it properly because it will make you achieve your desire goal on time.

7) Eat enough fiber that is required by your body. Fiber helps decrease cholesterol and speeds up poison removal from your body and It also makes your digestive system work properly. All fruits and vegetables have some fiber. I will recommend you take fruits like pineapples, bananas,oranges, apple, pawpaw etc. Fiber can smooth the progress of your lose weight so eat a lot of it.

8) For proper body hydration drink enough water. Drink plain water. Coffee and tea but do not drink sodas because it dehydrate the human body.

This simple instruction can also help you change for a better you. Give it a trail and feel the difference it will create in your life.

Bel Murphy is a weight management consultant that has helped many people lose and maintain weight loss.

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