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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Maintain Your Weight While Taking A Vacation

Even the most successful dieters sometimes find vacationing a challenge when it comes to healthy eating. Maintaining your weight while on vacation is tough, but it is possible. Instead of fretting about how many pounds you will put on during your vacation, plan ahead. Come up with a plan so you can maintain your weight, while still enjoying delicious food on vacation. Nobody wants to deny themselves regional cuisine while traveling, so find a way to indulge without overdoing it.

Splurge Daily

Planning a splurge is an important part of staying on track when dieting. You know you are going to indulge while on vacation, so if you have a plan, you will not overdo it. You can enjoy local cuisine without binging. Before leaving for your trip, think about some of the foods you want to enjoy while away. Schedule a special meal each day, so you are not tempted to go overboard the entire time you are away.

Eat a Big Meal Early

The best time to splurge is earlier in the day. If you save your special splurge meal until late, you go to bed without burning any of the calories. Not only will eating your big meal for breakfast or lunch help you maintain your weight, it will also save you money. Many people plan extravagant lunches while vacationing because restaurants offer special deals for early diners. If you are not ready for your big meal at breakfast or lunch, consider early bird dinners around four or five in the afternoon.

Remember to Include Fruits and Veggies

Do not neglect your fruits and veggies just because you are vacationing! You can indulge in fresh, local produce which is healthy and provides you with a chance to try the regional cuisine. Choose vegetable-based dishes instead of meat entrees. This is a great way to save money and calories. If you have your heart set on a high calorie dish at a restaurant, ask if the protein ingredient can be replaced with a vegetable. During meals that are not splurges, fill up on fruits and vegetables.

Splurge on Snacks Instead of Meals

Sometimes you can enjoy regional cuisine splurges in small doses. You get the experience and the taste, but you save hundreds of calories. Snack on rich, local chocolates or indulge in high-calorie treats in small servings. This keeps you from getting over-hungry and binging. It also lets you sample the best a region has to offer without overdoing your calorie intake.

Carry Snacks with You

Keep your hunger under control when vacationing, so you do not binge from hunger. All of the great habits you have started at home work just as well on vacation. Carrying healthy snacks with you while traveling means you will not choose unhealthy foods out of desperation. You can stock up on local healthy foods upon arrival, so you do not feel like you are eating the same boring foods you have at home. Visit a local market and choose fresh, healthy foods to carry with you as you explore the area. You will get a taste for the local cuisine, but your few minutes of planning means you will not slip up on your diet while focusing on your travels.

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