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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is The Homeopathic HCG Diet a Joke or Does It Actually Work? Here's The Low Down

The HCG diet is once again building up steam in the mainstream media. Unfortunately the mainstream media is a conduit of misinformation and half-truths, so it's not a quality source of weight loss or diet information. I'll set the record straight here on using the HCG for weight loss in the quickest way possible.

So, Human Chorionic Gonadatropin HCG itself is a fertility drug made from the urine of pregnant women. Back in the 50's some doctors had fooled around with it in some experiments and thought they'd found that it could help people lose weight. A deeper dive into research showed that they were mistaken and it simply does not have any fat loss characteristics for normal, healthy people.

But, if you know how certain entities work, since there was a might have/ maybe connection with weight loss early on, unscrupulous marketers latched on and started promoting it as a weight loss aid. Claims were also made that it suppresses your appetite, which of course has great appeal right? Who doesn't want to not be hungry when they're dieting?

So, after these marketers got their greedy hands on the info and wanted to market it, they realized the fact that it's injectable (read: a shot with a needle) may be a sticking point in people wanting to try it.

So what did they do to make it way more attractive to potential consumers?

They created Homeopathic HCG. That is they diluted the actual HCG- you know, the same stuff from pregnant women's urine, to the point where it contained so little actual HCG that it could go under the label "homeopathic". This way they could sell it on the open market without doctors and prescriptions.

Even better for the marketers was the fact that the drug is so diluted it would basically have no effect at all so there will be no side effects!

So what have we got now? A placebo! And... I know that you know how strong that placebo effect can be, right?

Well, it can be seen in the "glowing testimonials" you see for it where people have actually lost weight.

"But I thought it doesn't work?"

Ahh... you're right. So what gives?

Well, the fact that along with your impotent homeopathic HCG, you'll also go on a 500 calorie per day day. Yes, you heard me, 500 calories. Of course you're going to lose weight eating only 500 calories. You're creating a caloric deficit- a huge one at that and an unhealthy, unsustainable deficit!

So does HCG work for weight loss? No. Does homeopathic HCG work for weight loss? No.

What works for weight loss is creating a caloric deficit.

How do you create a caloric deficit properly for true weight loss? Well, there are a few ways that I've detailed extensively, so I'd like to invite you to download my FREE Special Fat Burning Report that outlines the 75 best weight loss foods and shows you how to create a caloric deficit. Also available is my Black Book of Secrets- 61 Unconventional Weight Loss Techniques, which you can purchase here-

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