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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy

By reducing portion size and eating healthily everyone can lose weight but if only it was that simple, but being human being we are more complex than that, which is where hypnotherapy can help.

The majority of people know that if they reduce the amount of food and alcohol they consume, they will lose weight. Where many people fail in doing so is because there can often be underlying causes as to why they overeat in the first place and there is where hypnotherapy comes in.

When hypnotised the therapist talks directly to the unconscious or subconscious mind, which is where everything that makes us the individuals that we are is stored and issues can be dealt with.

The conscious mind is the logical rational part of us which makes decisions and deals with one task at a time but the unconscious mind deals with many tasks. It is where our imagination, emotions, memories, habits and control lives. It is the automatic part of us.

When we are born the subconscious is blank but as we develop and move through life it lays down memories and experiences, good and bad and those experiences can have an ongoing effect on us in our lives going forward. This is particularly true in connection with how we deal with food.

By talking to the subconscious directly using carefully worded suggestions, the clinical hypnotherapist can help the client to have a different relationship with food; hypnotherapy can help deal with the underlying causes.

There are a wide variety of therapies available to assist individuals achieve their goals of losing weight. One of those therapies is the hypnotic gastric band therapy. This therapy tends to be used with people who have a considerable amount of weight to lose and who have considered having the actual operation of having a gastric band fitted to their stomach.

With the hypnotic gastric band, using the power of your mind, you go through the process of having a band fitted in your minds eye without having to have the operation in reality with its potential life threatening consequences and which also costs several thousand pounds. Hypnotherapy is completely safe, it has no side effects and is considerably cheaper and proven to be very effective in helping people to lose a considerable amount of weight to bring them into the appropriate weight range for their age and height.

For my clients this process consists of three steps:

Step 1 - The first session is to develop eating healthily.
Step 2 - The second session a week later, is to work on portion control.
Step 3 - The third session two weeks after session 2 is the Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy which limits the client's ability to consume large amounts of food in a safe and non-medically invasive way.

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