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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is The Dukan Diet?

The Dukan Diet is a dietary style that is getting traction and popularity lately. Developed by Pierre Dukan, a French dietician and nutritionist, it is primarily a diet rich in protein. First developed in 1975, it was only lately that it became popular, selling millions of copies and got translated into a variety of languages along the way. So what makes the Dukan Diet tick? We would try to find out with this article.

The story of the Dukan Diet traces its roots in 1975, when a general practitioner named Pierre Dukan was making his research about obesity. This curiosity came out because he wanted to find a solution for obesity after he encountered for the first time a patient with a case of obesity. Back then, the main treatment for obesity is to take in less food in general and less calories in particular. However, Dukan has made his research to try and look for a possible alternative to this method. Over that time span, he compiled all the results of his research and published them in 2000. In his book Je ne sais pas maigrir, a French phrase translating into "I don't know how to get slimmer", there he published all his findings. The results were astonishing to say the least, as it became a bestselling book, printing over 10 million copies and being translated into 14 languages in 32 countries since being released in 2000.

The Dukan diet is centered on 2 principles: allowed foods and ground pillars. The allowed foods are composed of around a hundred foods, including a list of 72 protein-rich foods and 28 specific vegetables. The ground pillars are better known as phases, procedures that you must follow in order to accomplish this diet successfully. The first phase, known as the attack phase, is known as the process in which metabolism is activated, speeding digestion up. Allowed to eat 72 specific foods rich in protein during the duration of this phase, during this process, the practitioner is expected to lose weight fast: around 2-3 kilograms within 1 week or less. The second phase, known as the cruise phase, is still similar to the attack phase, but the difference is that 28 specific vegetables are added into the diet. Weight loss is now slower, losing around 1 kilogram per week, but it should allow the dieter to get to their target weight more gradually. The third phase, the consolidation phase, is developed particularly to prevent sudden weight gain. Foods like fruits, bread, and starchy foods are now being integrated back into the diet and up to 2 celebratory meals are now allowed per week. And the last phase, the stabilization phase, is similar to a normal diet, but the only difference is having at least one protein diet day a week and having a steady diet of oat bran into the diet.

The Dukan Diet is one of the more critically acclaimed diets in the world today, as evidenced by its gargantuan sales. Also, it is a relatively effective and simple method compared to other diets that are mostly intrusive. And thousands of people have attested to its effectiveness, most famously Kate Middleton, who employed this diet to lose 2 dress sizes worth of weight.

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