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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why Beginners Lose Their Motivation Instead of Their Weight

The beginning of the year is when interest in the subject of fitness swells up to enormous proportions. People who want to lose weight and get fit, make determined resolutions for the forthcoming year. Gyms find themselves bursting at the seams. Unfortunately though, the storm fades as rapidly as its starts, and by the time February comes in, all that early enthusiasm is virtually gone. Experts are well aware of this seasonal trend, and they have sounded out a few warnings to beginners. By being aware of the reasons why people jump the weight loss and fitness ship, you may be able to protect yourself from a similar fate.


Your resolution may be 'I want to lose weight and look fitter this year', but if you pick up your bike, lace up your running shoes or put on your gym gear with no goal more concrete than this broad abstraction floating in your mind, you will not last very long. Having specific plans and goals, and working out a clear schedule is extremely important, if you seriously wish to maintain your motivation and enthusiasm.

To begin with, figure out the direction you want your weight loss initiative to take. Are you going to invest in workout equipment, pick up a sport or a hobby such as running, or join the neighborhood martial arts class? Once you have a direction, you need a sequence of specific and achievable short-term goals and a plan to achieve them. To help you in this part, you will find a wealth of resources out there, including fitness trainers, books and DVDs.

Too Enthusiastic, Too Intense, Too Fatigued

Spurred on by your early enthusiasm, you may be tempted to get too ambitious at the start. You may either get in too many sessions too quickly, or work out at an intensity that is beyond your capabilities, or even do both. When beginners crank up the intensity too soon, what they end up with is aches, pains and fatigue. Delayed Onset of Muscular Soreness (DOMS) is a common phenomenon amongst beginners. The end result is that you may start treating your exercise like a torture hour. And the moment a negative outlook comes in, rest assured that the end of your initiative is near. So, begin at a steady pace and don't challenge yourself too much, at least for the first couple of weeks.

20-Minute Sessions

Another problem with the mindset of most beginners is the concern that if they don't get at least an hour of exercise during a session, it is no use working out at all. This is a totally false belief. In fact, most experts now believe that a relatively intense 20-minute session is more productive for fitness and weight loss than a more moderate hour long session.


How can any weight loss article ever be complete without a mention of food and diet? In the context of exercise you need to watch out that you don't overeat after a workout session. If you put in all the calories you have burnt straightaway, it will be counter-productive from a weight loss perspective. Naturally, your body will demand food after exercise, and it is important that you replenish the carbohydrates you have burnt and lean protein for your muscles. However, stay away from calorie-rich foods, and try to fit in something like a bowl of fruit for your post-workout meal. This will make you feel full, without overloading you with calories.

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