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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 Nutritional Fat Fighting Strategies to Lose Weight on a Hectic and Busy Schedule

We are all too busy these days to have time to lose weight - with errands to run, people to meet, and things to do. Moreover, by the end of the day we are too exhausted to even think about running on a treadmill or making a healthy meal for dinner.

Losing weight with a busy schedule and lifestyle is tough. Everyday seems like a crunch and the hours pass as we scramble to squeeze every last chore into the 24 hours we have. Furthermore, that doesn't take into account the eight hours that we use to sleep, and many of you don't even get that much sleep. Yet we still just don't have enough time to dedicate to losing weight, toning up and our overall health.

Here are a couple strategies to implement to lose weight on a hectic and busy schedule:

1. It is Game Time - When there is no structure there is chaos. It is time to create a game plan and a strategy to win. When it comes down to our eating habits, if there is no structured meal plan you and your family members may end up just diving into whatever is the easiest and fastest. Be it raiding the fridge or ordering out, so spend half an hour, either by yourself or with your family on a weekend, and put together a food plan for the upcoming week. Then after that is done; design a daily menu for each day of the week. When you have a structured meal plan; the guesswork is done and all you have to do is implement it with your weight loss goal in mind.

2. Practicality is Key - Let's be honest with ourselves; things come up throughout the day that we don't expect. I want you to expect roadblocks that may cause your plan to go off track. When those things happen; change directions and keep moving forward. For instance, if Monday is an extremely hectic day, then order-in pizza and record that in your weekly plan and make it part of the plan; it will be Pizza Monday, that's fine. On the flip side, if Thursday gives you a bit more room to breathe; plan that out as a night to cook, and obviously include healthier food choices since you are in complete control of the dish.

There you have it, a couple simple strategies to fight fat and lose weight on a busy schedule. I hope these strategies shed some light and some pounds on your path to a healthier and fit you. It is game time!

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