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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 Main Reasons Why Your Body Refuses To Lose Its Fat

Why Your Body Refuses To Shed Its Fat

Unfortunately, whilst there are many reasons why your body will not burn your belly fat despite doing all the things you have been advised to do, the main reason for this is you.

Yes, that's right you are probably the main reason why your body fails to resemble the fit, lean & toned shape you wish it would.

Below this issues for your body stubbornly hanging on to its fat reserves will be examined more closely.

3 Top Reasons Why Your Body Stubbornly Hangs On To Its Excess Fat Reserves

1. You Are Not Doing the Right Things

You're doing the wrong things to get into shape.

Whilst you may be doing a regimen of cardio exercise every day it may be so tedious & uninspiring that it's lulling your body into a state of boredom where it actually increases the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, which can cause an increase in body fat.

This leads to a situation where your body stagnates & can actually start gaining fat instead of losing it - so make sure that you spice things up by doing the best fat burning exercises that will help you burn the fat & feel healthy.

2. You Choose To Ignore Common Sense & Advice When It Comes To Losing Fat

You're probably an intelligent & knowledgeable person but continue to ignore good advice when it comes to diet & exercise - you continue to believe that regular alcohol use & unhealthy business lunches won't do much harm to your health & body's shape & that it'll slip under the radar.

Alcohol consumption not only reduces your testosterone levels & raises your cortisol levels, it also reduces your inhibitions which means that your discipline when it comes to healthy eating goes out of the window & you're likely to consume copious quantities of all the wrong things.

3. You Procrastinate But Won't Admit It

It's never the right time to start your fat loss taring program or diet or to get up early - tomorrow the weather will be better & you'll be feeling better to go out longer & harder but tomorrow similar excuses convince you to delay it once again.

In other words there is an absolute lack of commitment to do what it takes to get into shape - you need to ask yourself if you really want the body & shape you dream of & know you can have.

In conclusion, if you are really struggling with time constraints, motivation or whatever else is hampering your fat loss program, just make sure that when you do get out & do something that you don't waste your time by doing something ineffective.


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