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Saturday, January 21, 2012

4 Fat Loss Tips That You May Not Even Have Considered

There are a lot of ways to lose weight. This goes without saying as there are hundreds upon hundreds of weight-loss programs, books, workout videos and endless lists of diet programs that all tackle different ways to cut the fats and lose weight efficiently and proficiently. There are loads of different tips that have all become common knowledge for a lot of people. Examples are the routines to focus on protein and to eradicate carbohydrates from your meals or to keep yourself hydrated all day, every day while on your weight-loss program.

There are significant tips though you may not have even considered and these are the little tips that many people, even doctors and professional weight-loss experts, commonly step over or completely ignore because they seem miniscule and insignificant. These tips however can play a major role in helping you cut down the fats and see you losing weight faster than ever. Here is a quick list of some of them:

1. Check the micro-nutrient labels - a lot of diet plans tell you to work on the big factors like protein and carbohydrates and fats but the real trick is to look the opposite way towards the micro-nutrient section: basic vitamins and minerals that you get in vegetables and fruits. It is still important to look at your carbohydrate and protein consumption but focus on the little ones. Did you know that Vitamin B1 aids your body in its metabolism and that iodine helps in thyroid hormone function? You'll not only be helping your workout sessions achieve their goal but you'll also be working on a healthier diet.

2. Do not confuse fat loss with weight loss - a lot of people trying to lose weight spend a lot of time on the weighing scale and they get really depressed when they see they haven't lost a significant amount of weight. If only they took the time to calculate how much body fat they lost they would see the brighter side of the picture. The best solution is to use an online body fat calculator to judge your progress instead of using a weighing scale. Remember: toned muscles weigh more than fats.

3. Lose the flab before molding the abs - there are tons of people trying to get a really slick, muscular six-pack of abs when they are losing weight but the fact remains: when you gained fat, no matter how many different sit-ups you perform, they won't give you a Spartan body piece because the fat is in the way. You need to reduce the fat and tone them into solid muscle before even considering putting in the effort for molding them into something glamorous to look at. Before working on ab-building workouts, focus on equipment and routines to get rid of the fat and turn them into muscle.

4. Lose the water weight first - what's water weight? When you don't hydrate well, the body will cling on to whatever source of fluids it can get to and these little pockets of water will attract fats as well and this is why people have fat flab on their stomach and other parts of their body. To lose water weight you need to drink water. It sounds ironic but it is the plain truth. You need to get your body back to a normal hydration cycle and it will get to dispose the unneeded fluids on its own. If you get rid of water weight first, you'll see a significant drop in your weight very early in your program.

These are but only a few of the best fat loss tips for significant results that you and many others may have overlooked. They will assure you a solid weight loss program that will lead to better results.

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