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Monday, January 23, 2012

4 Tips For Losing Baby Weight

For many women, giving birth to their children is an experience that is difficult to convey through the written word. Certainly the instant a child is born it changes the parent's lives forever; I happen to know the scariest drive in the world is the first time you take a newborn child home from the hospital. One area women tend to agree upon is that while they do love their children, they don't always love the extra weight that pregnancy adds to the body. There are many methods new mothers can use to shed off some of the extra pounds after their children are born. Let's explore 5 popular methods used by women to help lose some of those extra baby pounds.

1) Yoga
Yoga is an excellent method to get your blood flowing properly through the body once again. Many who practice yoga also swear by its ability to reduce mental and physical stress. Recently pregnant women find the most benefit from basic poses, such as proud warrior or the supported bridge. Some health clubs or specialized studios offer postpartum yoga sessions.

A modified Pilates workout can help increase the strength of the core and aid in flexibility. Check with your doctor before attempting either yoga or Pilates, and always stay within your individual comfort zone during post-pregnancy workouts.

2) Abdominal Exercises
It is generally recommended that women wait up to six weeks to start exercising after having their child. This time frame can be longer depending on the style of birth. Abdominal sit-ups when done correctly with the arch of the back in contact with a mat on the floor are a great start to an abdominal routine. Try the classic sit-up with your feet on a chair (so the legs are at 90-degree angle) to target upper abdominal muscles. For the modified sit-up, you do not need to go up all the way up.

3) Cosmetic surgery
Another more personal decision can be cosmetic surgery to reduce excess skin and stubborn baby-weight. This is a popular choice because while diet and exercise can help naturally trim down the profile, stretch marks are unresponsive to this type of effort. The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty or in some cases a "Mommy Makeover" procedure may be the right choice depending on your circumstances. There are a variety of tummy tuck techniques available for women seeking a surgical solution for tightening the muscular wall of the abdomen. While these procedures carry risk when compared to other methods, when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, the results can be very satisfying and natural-looking.

4) Walking Outdoors
Ditch the StairMaster; in most cases, a simple walking routine can have faster and more dramatic effect on the body. Being out in the fresh air has more positive effects than just cardiovascular health. Being outdoors has been shown to increase happiness and improve the immune system. If there are other new moms in your neighborhood, a walking schedule could be a great way to make new friends as well as keep your baby with you.

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