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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Common Challenges To Weight Loss - Don't Let Them Be Your Excuse For Having A Fat Butt, Or Belly

The 5 common challenges/excuses in conventional weight loss measures are:

1. Confusion as to how to go about a "diet"

2. Inadequacy of the "diet" (not the "dieter"). Commercially available diets are seldom based on sound nutritional principles. They often rely on initial water loss as "proof" of the effectiveness of their product. In fact, when the "diet" stops, so will the weight "loss".

3. Lack of motivation: the diet chosen is often impractical. It may require separate foods from that which your family is eating or foods that are extremely limited and very difficult to follow.

4. Over-assessment about how much weight loss is required. If you weigh 200 pounds and lose only five to ten percent of that weight (ten to twenty pounds), you will have greatly reduced your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes as a result of your weight.

5. Misunderstanding about exercise. Many of us boldly state that we do not exercise because we "just don't like to". Hmmm. Let's take a poll: if you like to exercise, raise your hand. OK, I see that hand on Mt. Ngongotaha, New Zealand. Anybody else?

The fact is, the vast majority of us find exercise to be a total turn off! We sweat, we burn, we gasp, we cramp, we ache...what's to like? Here's the reality check...we need to get over it! Exercise is a hated activity for darn near all of us.

But, we know that being overweight, or obese, contributes significantly to the development of other diseases...heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, sleep apnea, depression. "Heaviness" plays a particularly important role if other risk factors are also present...particularly high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

There are simple, correct ways to lose weight, period. Let's eliminate surgery, because it doesn't apply to the vast majority of people who are overweight. Eligibility for fat-reducing surgery requires proof of sincere efforts in the past at conventional weight reduction methods, namely food restriction and physical exercise. The fact is, the vast majority of us will indeed respond to a reduction in calories and an increase in exercise by losing weight.

We finally decide to engage in it only because the dangers of not exercising become scarier than exercise itself (and that's pretty scary)! Our bodies require exercise to stay whole and healthy.

Most of us remember starting an exercise "program" only to fail after the third day...that would be after we bought the little pink sweatsuit with the matching socks and headband. The reason we don't follow through is that we take on too much. We run, we bench press, we dance with weights in both hands.

Forget all of that. Start with walking fifteen minutes every day...period. There is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to fit this in to your matter how busy you are. After one month of walking, I'll just bet you feel good about yourself and I'll bet you will have lost a few pounds. You will also very likely be ready to move on to the next step.

Sue Bristol, R.N. advises: stop making excuses!

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