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Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Ways to Lose Weight This Thanksgiving

When some people are asked about their favorite part of Thanksgiving, they might say things like seeing family, old friends, laughter, and joy.


But ask most people what they think of Thanksgiving, and without hesitation they will answer: FOOD! Or Turkey! Or mashed potatoes and stuffing! Or dessert and pie!

That's right. Thanksgiving is the unofficial holiday of excess eating! And we all love it, which we should. It is a great holiday and a great time of year. However, so many people subconsciously let Thanksgiving become their unofficial end to an otherwise year full of great weight loss results.

Or even worse, the people who have been sitting around all year getting fatter decide this is their last hurrah before the new year...who are they kidding?

Not you. Not me. Because we know how to control our eating, and we know how to enjoy Thanksgiving without gorging, without becoming a complete glutton, and without gaining weight.

In fact, if you follow just some of these 7 weight loss tips, you might even step on the scale come the Monday after Thanksgiving and find yourself a few pounds lighter.

So, here are my 7 Ways to Lose Weight over Thanksgiving:

1. Take the 100 pushup challenge. For all four days during Thanksgiving (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) commit to doing 100 pushups before each meal. These do not have to be 100 in a row, and if 100 seems like too much, cut it down to 50 or 25. You can also sub in bodyweight squats, pull-ups, or sit-ups if you'd like. But the important thing is to add in some extra exercise before each meal in order to boost your metabolism and burn a few extra calories.

2. Fill up on water first. Did you know that many times when we think we are hungry, we are really just dehydrated? Make sure that you drink at least 16 oz of water before each meal, and you will have less room to gorge. It seems simple, but just try it out. I bet you'll be surprised with how much it helps.

3. Bring a dish...a vegetable dish. And make sure it's not prepared with tons of butter, fat, and grease. Make sure you enjoy it. Want some ideas? How about green beans with crushed almonds and bacon bits in olive oil...delicious! Now you have a great tasting dish to fall back on in case the others are too unhealthy.

4. Chew your food. Seriously, slow down a bit. Studies have shown that chewing your food actually can increase satiety and help you to feel full more quickly.

5. Take one day off to fast (preferably Friday or Saturday). Regardless of how well you control yourself on Thanksgiving, chances are you will consume more calories than usual. And that's ok. But you may want to try a form of intermittent fasting one or two days after Thanksgiving. If nothing else, this will be a good exercise in self-control.

6. Sprint first thing in the morning each morning. Many of us are traveling over the holidays, and we don't have much time to exercise. But anyone can take ten minutes of their day for a quick workout. Try this...Do six to eight 20-second sprints first thing each morning. Twenty seconds on, twenty seconds recovery. This will help to kick start your metabolism and put it into fat burning mode.

7. Decide right now that you are going to have self-control during Thanksgiving. Hey, you can read all the tips and advice you want on controlling your eating and burning a few extra calories. But the truth is that unless you make up your mind that you are going to actively follow through, then all of this is useless. So do yourself a favor and take this little Thanksgiving challenge. If you do, I bet you will find this more enjoyable and fulfilling than any prior.

Happy Thanksgiving! And good luck reaching your weight loss goals.

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