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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Answer to the Question: What Is the Paleo Diet?

A simple online keyword search will confirm just how much interest the Paleo diet is generating. But what is it?

The Paleo diet is a form of eating where the main requirements are to consume what are considered to be the ancient foods eaten during the Paleolithic period. It is also sometimes referred to as the caveman diet or the Stone Age diet.

Perhaps you have come to the point where all you see are the chemicals and processing in today's diet. Row after row of the foods in the grocery store are colored, shaped, and then boxed into convenient "nutrition." If the grocery store looks a little unnatural to you, then it might be time to consider the Paleo diet.

Modernism sometimes creates more problems than solutions and the answer is to turn to more traditional ways of eating. This is what this old-world diet has come to provide. It has everything your body needs without all of the processing through machines and chemicals.

Also referred to as the ancient ancestral diet, the common features of the Paleo diet involve vegetables, grass-fed animals, roots, fish, nuts, plants and fruits. So what is it about the Paleo diet that makes it so healthy? This diet is free from any of the grains, refined sugars, salts, legumes or processed oils that are so common in our diet of today.

The reason why you should contemplate embracing the diet of the Paleo period is because there are so many illnesses that have evolved due to the diet of today. It is proven that our ancient ancestors were strong and resistant to harsh conditions. Their bodies were able to withstand and overcome adverse surroundings. This is what the modern man is lacking.

Our current health is so weak that many strains of bacteria and viruses are able to attack and take residence inside our bodies. The question of why there is such a difference between now and then can best be answered by the content and quality of food that goes into our mouths. This is what makes all the difference.

The Paleo diet is everything that the modern diet is not. Things have changed so much that instead of prizing the best of foods, modern man and industry is processing it only to be left with what the ancient man could term as "useless."

The good thing is that the Paleo diet has not yet become extinct like the caveman. You can still go back to eating in a healthful, natural way. But how will you be able to avoid all the junk that is surrounding us every day? By looking at the Paleo diet as more of a lifestyle than a fad, you can live in harmony with nature rather than look at it as a way of attaining a certain goal. The more you make it a lifestyle the easier it becomes as well as more interesting to follow.

The moment you make the Paleo diet part of your life, you will start getting rid of the major problems associated with our modern diet. Find out more about "What is the Paleo diet?" and decide if it is right for your body.

Leroy Andrews used to be a junk-food junkie - until he discovered how to feel fit and healthy by eating delicious natural foods like the Cavemen used to. Find out more about the Paleo Diet at where you can also purchase his new book Paleo Solutions: Food Fit for A Caveman

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