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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best Workout For Belly Fat

Right, there are two types of fat we have in our stomach area, subcutaneous and visceral. The first lies underneath your skin but on top of your abs, the second type lies under your muscles and surrounds your organs (increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc). Visceral fat is commonly known as the "beer gut/belly", it protrudes but at the same time it's kind of hard when you touch it.

Don't forget that your abs are muscles, just like any other they're covered by fat, water and skin. So you have got to lose that excess fat and water, but how? Plenty of exercise and a good diet.

There are two main types of training, cardiovascular training and resistance training.

Cardiovascular training: this is where you really burn the fat, the fat goes into the muscles and is burnt (jogging, swimming, bicycling, etc).Resistance training: this will not really help you lose fat, but it strengthens your torso providing balance and protecting your spinal cord (sit-ups, crunches, press-ups, etc).

So, what is the best workout for belly fat? Well here are some easy exercises you can do at home to help you lose that belly;

Standing, suck in your stomach as much as you can and hold it for 10 seconds (or longer if you can). This little exercise works on your stomach and also on those awkward love handles.Running on the Spot, lifting your knees as high as possible, or running up and down the stairs.Sit-ups or Crunches, if you are struggling to do them with your hands behind your head then simply cross your arms lifting your entire torso about a foot or two off the ground.

Dieting is extremely important, even if you have the best workout for belly fat in the world, if you don't have the right diet it's worthless! Bodybuilders for example, they can spend hours after hours in the gym but if they're not eating properly nothing will happen. Avoid eating food with a lot of fat or sugar, but don't cut it out completely (the body needs a bit of everything, including sugar and fat) or you could seriously damage your body due to lack of nutrition! Alcohol doesn't help either, the fat within the alcohol is later stored all over the body and therefore you gain weight.

You constantly see products advertised that seem to make you lose weight over night, when in reality they are no use what so ever and you waste a fortune.

The ONLY real way to lose your stomach fat is combining a proper diet plan with the right exercise program, stimulating muscle growth and fat loss at the same time.

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