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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Body Wrap Overview

Have you ever wanted to lose weight without expending too much effort? If so, maybe you should try body wraps. Have you already tried them? Well, if this is your first time, you may want to read the entire article to have a more in-depth understanding about the process and how body wraps can help you for losing weight and shedding those stubborn inches.


As the name implies, this regimen to lose weight and inches requires your body to be snugly wrapped in compression or ace-style bandages while being soaked in minerals or natural botanicals. The tight covering and constant basting with these detoxifying products helps alleviate the excess water weight, waste products, and toxins present in the body. Along with the body wrap itself, the natural products aid to stimulate detoxification and give the skin a soft, silky feel and firmer appearance. Getting wrapped regularly will result in a slimmer appearance, younger looking skin, and an overall feeling of invigoration. Body wrap supplies are customized according to the required application. In order to get the best result, it's vital to follow the proper wrapping techniques. Aside from the targeted supplies, there are also diverse wrapping styles, so it's vital to follow a suitable combination appropriate for you.

Body wraps basically fall into three categories; moisturizing, detoxification, and slimming or weight loss (although none of these categories are mutually exclusive)..

Detox Body Wrap:

With detoxifying wraps, the ingredients focus on absorbing and cleansing the interstitial fluid separating fat cells under the surface of the skin. This type of wrap also aids to flush out interstitial toxins. Detox wraps utilize natural substances such as fruits purees, coffee grounds, algae mud, seaweed and clay in order to induce the metabolism of the body and saturate it with the vital nutrients. These wraps also serve as vasodilators. Using a detox body wrap, your body will absorb sufficient amounts of minerals and essential vitamins, while removing toxins and alleviating excess water weight. Some of these wraps are also excellent firming treatments and help the skin look healthier and more vibrant.

Moisturizing Body Wrap:

The main focus of a moisturizing wrap is to treat dry skin, and to promote a younger looking, more vibrant tone. In this process, thick lotions, oils and Shea butter are coated onto the body before wrapping. The ingredients and regimen help the skin look healthier, while alleviating the redness and itchiness that comes with sun damage and dry skin.

Weight Loss Body Wrap:

Typically mineral-based, these slimming and toning wraps are definitely increasing in number and they're a great way to achieve the figure you want without expending too much effort. However, along with the regimen of getting wraps, it's still vital to monitor your food intake in order to facilitate weight loss and ultimately lose inches. It's also necessary to get wrapped regularly, to achieve and maintain the results you desire.

A great place to start is your local spa that offers the service you are most interested in. If you don't have a spa nearby, you can always search the web. One place that spas often purchase their supplies from also offers body wrap to the public. You will be able to tell that Beauty Wrap is conscience about the laws, because of the certification training they offer. They even have a toll free number, if you need to talk to a trained expert!

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