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Friday, January 27, 2012

Can Prebiotics Help With Weight Loss?

If you've wondered about prebiotics and weight loss, there is some good news to share. The discoveries being made about our intestinal health and how prebiotics affects it are truly amazing to say the least.

Many people trying to lose weight take many products in hopes of getting help, one product that is particularly popular is suppressants, as in appetite suppressants. Basically they work to suppress your hunger, making you eat less and hopefully not gain more unneeded weight.

Prebiotics - a natural appetite suppressant

It's true, prebiotics work just like an appetite suppressant. For a food to be truly prebiotic it must contain the dietary fiber known as soluble fiber. The other main type of fiber you are most likely familiar with is insoluble fiber, also known as "roughage". It's an important one as well for keeping us regular and cleaning the body's toxins among other things.

Soluble fiber absorbs water, so when you eat food that contains this fiber, like an apple, the fiber turns into a sticky gel-like substance. This slows down the rate of which the food's nutrients are released into your body, making you feel full and satisfied longer, just like an appetite suppressant.

If you ate a food that had no fiber, like much of the processed foods we eat, or if you had a glass of apple juice instead of the apple, you would feel hungry almost immediately.

Remember, it's not the amount of foods you eat that are making you fat, it's the type of food, or should I say the quality of food. So, if you were to eat a big breakfast consisting of a couple eggs, whole grain toast, oatmeal and a grapefruit, you would be eating a healthy breakfast that's not fattening and you wouldn't feel hungry for several hours.

Compare that to a few cups of coffee loaded with sugar and some muffins or doughnuts. This type of breakfast is not only unhealthy because of the high amounts of sugar and trans fats but contains no fiber and therefor you would feel like eating very soon afterwords because your body didn't get any quality nutrients from it.

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