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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Could 3 Words Help You In Crushing Your Sugar Cravings?

A friend of mine, named Sandray, lost almost 125 pounds and I am going to share some of her secrets with you here today. Sandray had tried every diet in the world. You name it, she tried it. And finally at the age of 35, she just got so tired and sick of being overweight and not feeling good, she decided that she was going to take it one day at a time, not worry about how much she lost each week or how much each day....Instead, she was going to develop a healthy lifestyle system that she could follow as a life plan.

It worked.

She started by researching healthy foods at her local library and picking out a new cookbook every two weeks. She would then make out a menu, write out her grocery list, shopped for it, and brought it home. She said it was comforting to know what she was going to eat all week and knew she had nourishing food in the fridge.

By using the cookbooks, it gave her many new ideas she never would have thought of and found that there were lots of new foods she liked. Things like quinoa and turkey bacon. She began to share her new food ideas and recipes with her co workers and it became fun and informative. Some joined in for weight loss, some for kicking their sugar cravings and not knowing how or what to eat to do it.

It became such a hit, they then created a Fun Food on Friday Luncheon where they would each bring in a new dish they tried that week. They all got to try so many new and different foods. Some they liked, some not. But the only way they would ever know is by trying them at least once.

They found themselves supporting each other emotionally too. When someone was down, the others would just say: "Never Give Up" and it would instantly bring to mind all their successes they were having together. And of course, encouraged them to keep going. It was like special code words for each other. 

Perhaps this is a way for you to get started on your weight loss journey and in crushing your sugar cravings? They didn't have the internet and online forums back then, like they do now. So even if you do not work outside the home, you could find others with the same goals as you and that want to crush their sugar cravings and lose weight too.

You may even want to start with quinoa as the first new food to try.

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