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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Diet and Weight Management Success Story

How often have you seen someone who appears to have it all together, especially in physical appearance? This woman is in shape, is obviously not overweight, and it certainly not on a diet. The truth is, almost everyone is on a "diet" of some type, yet some don't use that term to describe their "food regime."

If you were to follow this woman in this "good" physical condition around for a day, you'd be surprised at what she does (and does not do) as part of her weight management lifestyle.

Here are some things to pay attention to.
What does she eat? Is it a combination of protein, carbs, and fats - in correct proportion? Is she following the new "food plate" guidelines where half of their diet consists of veggies? Does she seem to be drinking lots of water instead of coffee, tea, and soda? These are all characteristics of someone who has a successful diet that facilities a great weight management program.
Has she eliminated sugar and processed foods? It's unlikely this person ran from Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts throughout the course of the day. In fact, these types of food stations are not even in her weight management vocabulary. She understands the havoc that sugar plays on the body. It creates a cycle of the person wanting more and more sugar to feed the endless cravings. If only that were true for vegetables!)
Does she exercise? She has to doing something - whether it be walking, running, exercising at the gym, etc. Her body is meant to be in motion and she has created a great diet and exercise combination.
Is she happy? If there's a skip in her step and a smile on her face, that's a good indicator of the balance between her mind and body. Her mind understands the benefits of controlling one's weight, and how a diet rich in certain foods is the perfect compliment. She has a logical side that can comprehend the term 'weight management' and views it as something she - will - manage! It's may be a tough task, but one she feels is worth the effort. Yet, again, it might simply be a way of life for her.

Following a healthy diet and creating a weight management program for yourself is a "must do" if you plan to stick around for a while. Come up with a plan yourself, or seek out the help of a professional or expert. Once you get the treadmill going, you'll wonder why you never did this sooner.

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