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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diets Are Big Business: Why They Want to Keep You Fat, Unhealthy and Unhappy

A measly 5 to 10% of us succeed in losing weight by dieting and weight loss programs, but we all contribute to the staggering $60 billion in revenue amassed by the weight-loss industry annually. What do we get for our efforts? More than likely, a higher scale reading and a need for bigger clothes.

Millions of us succumb to quick-fix advertising such as "lose weight fast and eat all you want" or "melt away fat while you sleep." We seem to find it hard to believe that in this age of scientific breakthroughs, an effortless weight-loss method doesn't exist. But it doesn't. And it probably never will. Because it's not dieting that most of us need.

The weight loss industry is a big one and it's revenue grows annually. Why on earth does "the world" want you to lose weight permanently? Why would they want you to feel good and be healthy? After all, if you do, there goes a portion of their profit.

And yet...we continue being the sheep they want us to be and we do as we are told. When they tell us we can lose weight fast by eating pumpkins for three and a half days, we try it. When they tell us we only need a fat busting pill to get rid of the tyre around our middles, we buy it. We do it because we are desperate. We are desperate to lose weight permanently, and what else can we do, but put our hope and faith in an industry who only benefits from our obesity, sorrow and ill health. They will certainly not tell us the truth that many of us so desperately seek.

Claims such as "rapid weight loss," "no diet or exercise required," "eat whatever you want" and "take it off and keep it off" are all hot buttons that advertisers use to get consumers to buy their products and services. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. They prey on emotion - they prey on your sorrow at being overweight, and your desire to be thin.

And yes, there will always be testimonials of how great a particular weight loss program is (even if it seems strange), and how much weight an individual lost - the people who give their testimonials are the 5 - 10% who actually succeed at losing weight every year.

Please stop believing all the fantastical claims many weight loss programs provide. We in the weight loss industry know you want to lose weight fast, because it's the most popular search term on the internet, as far as weight loss goes. The industry plays on it to give you want you want. But all you end up doing is going around in circles, frustrated, filled with sorrow, and still fat...

If you want the truth about losing weight permanently, and are prepared to actually work at it, in a very different way than you have been used to, we can help you. You will not lose weight fast on the program we provide, but you will lose weight, and more importantly, you will stop thinking about food the way you do, which is the root cause of your weight problems. Go to for the truth. It will set you free.

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