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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Does Weight Loss Improve Our Lives?

Many of us, when we decide to lose weight, usually think about the main benefit, and that is being nice and slim. We want to improve our self-esteem as well as want to wear those figure flattering slim clothing again. But there are several other benefits that can be equally enjoyable. Perhaps the enthusiasm for our weight loss programme has begun to diminish lately, if so, the following inspirational weight loss benefits may help to boost our motivation and determination.

Weight Loss is Mentally Beneficial:

If we maintain a healthy eating plan, we cannot help but boost our brain function. When we eat lots of lean protein, nutrient rich fruit and vegetables, grains and healthy fats, and drink plenty of water, it will help to increase our mental clarity and concentration. We will notice that we find concentration much easier, be able to think clearer and may even have improved mental awareness and creativity than we may normally have.

Weight Loss is Emotionally Beneficial:

When we reduce our intake of sugar, sodium, processed and junk food, we will immediately notice that our emotional state appears to be calmed and stabilized. Two of the major substances which are known to create severe mood fluctuations, feelings of anxiety and depression, are refined white sugar and white flour. If we switch to whole grains and choose natural sweeteners, we will benefit from a greater sense of emotional stability that will beneficially affect other aspects of our lives.

Weight Loss is Physically Beneficial:

Of course, being able to wear sleek, slim, smaller sized clothing is a major benefit, but we will also enjoy the extra energy and vitality, and the feeling of strength too. Our digestive system and vital organs will function more efficiently, and our skin clarity will be greatly improved. Basically, we will feel much more comfortable both internally and externally.

Weight Loss has Lifestyle benefits:

The longer we follow a healthy eating and exercise programme, the more we will realise that we do not need to be a slave to our bad habits and we can overcome them. We can establish a firm determined control of the foods we eat and how we organise our time. We will no longer feel the urge to eat take-away meals or any other type of junk food, or be tempted to snack on fattening late night snacks while watching television. We will feel uplifted and proud of the positive changes we are making to our lifestyle and be determined not to revert back to the unhealthy, weak, miserable person we once were.

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