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Monday, January 30, 2012

Find Out How to Increase Your Metabolism

According to an 18 week study at the University of Limburg in Holland, the single most important factor in ascertaining the amount of energy you burn off at rest is determined by how much lean muscle you have in your body. Your muscles apparently utilise about 22% of daily calories just to exist while your liver and brain burn off 21% and 20% respectively. There is nothing you can do about liver and brain though and the key to losing weight is to increase metabolism through building more muscle tissue. According to the study the average metabolic rate increased by 9.5% and energy consumption by 10% following muscle training twice per week.

Further Ways to Increase Metabolism

· Take advantage of your 'cycle'. According to a lecturer at Emory University, Atlanta, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) fluctuates during a woman's menstruation cycle and is at its lowest about a week before ovulation. There also tends to be an 8-16% rise in energy expenditure during the 14 days following ovulation. So it seems that exercising during this luteal phase when progesterone and oestrogen levels are higher, burns more fat than at any other time.

· Dietary issues have always been important and it seems that increasing protein intake with less carbohydrates and fat also increase metabolism. According to Emory University's dietician 25-30% of calories from protein are consumed in its metabolism whereas just 6-8% of carbohydrates and about 3% of fat are.

· Exercise is another important factor and can increase metabolism dramatically, in fact by about 15 times during a strenuous session. According to the same dietician metabolism does not return to normal after exercise has ceased but elevates to a 'post exercise' metabolic rate' that is sometimes referred to a 'afterburn'. This 'afterburn' contributes to the overall daily energy consumption and so the moral is, you can't get enough exercise.

· It seems that drinking iced water can also contribute to increased metabolism. I was never really good at science but I remember that it takes 1 calorie to raise the temperature of a litre of water by 1 degree Celsius. So if the body's temperature is 36.8 degrees Celsius, it follows that you will burn off 36.8 calories heating a litre of iced water. However, this is just a theory and it doesn't pay to drink too much iced water.

It seems that everyone has a different metabolic rate and therefore not everyone can follow the same diet. After all, although we live in a world of statistics, and it is so easy to demarcate, there is still that 'individual element' that makes us unique. You can follow a low calorie diet with the intention of weight loss but if it lacks your nutritional requirements you will literally starve yourself, but without losing weight. What is significant though is if you combine diet with exercise as part of your plan to increase metabolism, the success rate for losing weight is extremely high. There have been many studies proving this, far too numerous to put here.

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