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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fitness for Seniors Today

It does not matter how old you might be, it is never too late to begin a fitness regimen. Many people believe there is no need for exercise once they reach their senior years. They could not be more incorrect! Fitness in your golden years is just as important as it is for any other phase of your life. As a matter of fact, an organized fitness plan might even be more important because there is a good chance you are leading a more sedentary life in general. Once you are no longer a child with days of boundless energy and you are not a part of the workforce, you need to make an effort to stay mobile during your days. With so much free time, so seniors find they are inactive. This leads to a variety of health issues and makes the senior years far less enjoyable. Fitness is important for seniors because of all the benefits it brings.

If you have neglected exercising over the years, now is the time to start. Many senior centers offer fitness programs that are designed to help older people get in shape. The exercises are usually low-impact and take into considerations the unique health needs of seniors. Remember, exercise can reduce your risk for many diseases and help you deal with current health conditions, but the results are not immediately. Do not assume pushing yourself in your first few workouts will eliminate things like heart disease or high blood pressure. Work with your doctor when starting an exercise regimen, especially if you current suffer from health problems.

Fitness is also a great way for seniors to enjoy social interaction. Once you are no longer working, it can be tough to continue interacting with people outside of your family. However, it is important for seniors to keep up social connections and enjoy spending time with friends. This along can go a long way in improving the health of a senior or someone of any age. If you believe combining socializing and exercising might be right for you, check out programs at a community center or speak with current friends about their fitness routines.

Many seniors enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and a regular exercise routine is another opportunity to do so. Children need to learn the good habit of exercising as much as adults. Exercising with a grandparent can be a great deal of fun for a little one and it sets a great example early in life. As a senior, you know how hard it can be to begin an exercise routine late in life. If you plan fitness activities with your grandchild, you are motivating yourself and teaching them good habits. Consider going on hikes with your grandchild, participating in fitness classes designed for children and their caretakers, or following a fitness video with your grandchild right in your own home.

Finally, it is important for seniors to understand just how important fitness is. As we get older, it can be tough to stay motivated and make the most of our lives. There are life challenges seniors face that children and younger adults rarely have to deal with. Our bodies also change, but do not have to wither away and deteriorate.

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