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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Foods That Burn Belly Fat - No Need To Diet With These Daily Foods

The foods that burn belly fat are no different from the usual foods we eat every day. Some people claim it's impossible to lose belly fat with everyday foods, but I tend to disagree. It's obvious that your diet shouldn't consist of potato chips and beer, but otherwise, it's fairly easy to lose that stubborn layer of belly fat with a subtle shift in your eating pattern. This should be great news for everyone who hates going on a diet, or whose previous diet experience has been a rather disappointing one. Clinical studies show that the following fat burning foods have a big impact on the rate with which you lose your belly fat as opposed to not including them in your diet.

Proteins in general and eggs in particular will help you burn your belly fat on a daily basis. High protein foods will provide you with energy and enhance your metabolism. With a faster metabolism you will burn more fat. Those who have a problem with high cholesterol levels should remove the egg yolks. There are plenty of macronutrients left in egg whites. Other foods high in protein are lean beef, fish and turkey. These are all foods that burn belly fat.

Soy milk has no fat and is a rich source of vegetable proteins. The protein quality of soy milk is certainly as good as that provided by meat. Soy milk is a perfect solution for those who don't wish to eat meat and still want to have proteins in their diets. Furthermore, soy milk contains a substance known as isoflavones, which help prevent prostate and breast cancer.

Vegetables are some of the most effective foods that burn belly fat. They are rich in fibers and also, surprisingly enough, in proteins. Vegetables are among the healthiest sources of carbohydrates for your body since they take a long time to digest, providing your body with energy without spiking the insulin levels. This is a very good thing, because insulin is the single most important factor in giving you belly fat. Normally, insulin levels rise after a carbs rich sugar loaded snack or drink. All those sugars are stored as fat in your body for future use, should you ever be depleted of energy, a situation which in our modern society hardly ever arises. This is not true for vegetables which cause a very constant release of energy.

Our list of foods that burn belly fat would not be complete without nuts and seeds. They are great as snacks and provide your body with all the essential fatty acids it needs for producing fat burning hormones. Walnuts, peanuts, almonds are all perfect as little snacks between the meals and they also greatly reduce food cravings. Be warned though, nuts are quite rich in calories, so keep your snack size small and you'll be all right.

If you're making a list of foods that burn belly fat, please don't forget to include green tea. In fact, green tea and plain water are the only two beverages you should be drinking when you try to lose stomach fat. Water is fairly self-explanatory. Drinking enough water will help you to get rid of various toxins in your body and will keep your metabolism going at maximum speed. Green tea, on the other hand, is even more beneficial for your system as it contains several antioxidants, which break down free radicals. These free radicals are toxic substances that cause your body to age prematurely and can even cause some forms of cancer. The antioxidants in green tea will help to eliminate free radicals from your body. They also slightly increase your body temperature so the fat burning process will be going at full speed.

So these are some foods that burn belly fat quickly. Of course there are many more foods and exercises that will help you lose your belly fat. CLICK HERE to learn more tips, tricks and diets to help you win your quest against belly fat.

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