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Saturday, January 7, 2012

HCG Diet Drops - Choose Wisely

One of the only proven ways to lose weight that we know of nowadays is the HCG diet, because the HCG hormone releases the abnormal fat in the body and destroys fat cells completely. Nevertheless, it is a must to pick quality HCG drops for weight loss to be real and effective. I say HCG drops, which means sublingual HCG, which you just drip under your tongue a few times a day and that's it. However, HCG drops are not the only way you can ingest HCG. There are also injections, but I don't recommend them. If you wonder if they are effective, then yes, they are, but you have to do the injecting properly and to the right spots, otherwise it can be pretty painful. But it is necessary to buy quality HCG drops, which provide up to 2-pound-per-day weight loss.

This is also the purpose of this article, to show you how to reveal which HCG to buy and which is a fake. For example, some scam companies out there say they are HCG, but their so-called HCG products don't contain HCG at all! This is rather alarming, so if you are serious about going on the diet, you'd better pick real HCG. So where to buy HCG is probably your question.

Let me first be clear in terms of in which form you can get HCG. Firstly, it's HCG injections. This is the original method of taking HCG and it works really well, but the HCG diet was invented almost 60 years ago and nowadays we have a lot better ways of taking HCG (better in terms of user convenience). These are HCG drops for weight loss!

I would first say that there are two different forms of HCG drops. Firstly, it's homeopathic HCG. Secondly, there are the Rx HCG. If you don't know what the word "Rx" means, it is simply means that it is only sold to people who have a prescription for it. Both have their pros and cons. Like I said, Rx means prescription, so it is not just about ordering a bottle of HCG and having it shipped right away. You also have to have it prescribed by a doc. With homeopathic HCG there is no such thing, you just order online and that's it. Because homeopathic HCG is diluted, it doesn't have to be kept refrigerated, which is also useful if you are on the move often and have to take the HCG with you.

Maybe you have read on some forum that homeopathic HCG doesn't work, because there is so little HCG in it. But that's not true. People, who claim so, should have their ears and eyes cleaned. They apparently don't know what they're talking about. Of course, if you buy scam homeopathic HCG, then you can also buy a placebo and the effect on weight loss will be the same. But providing you buy high-quality hHCG, it doesn't really matter if you pick that or Rx. In terms of effectiveness, there's no difference between the two. If you compare hHCG and Rx HCG, you will see that hHCG is highly diluted. That's also why people may be tempted to think it doesn't work. However, homeopathic works a little differently than the Rx HCG, as it makes your own body produce additional HCG, primarily in the pituitary gland.

If that's not enough, another reason why to choose hHCG rather than the pharmacy-grade HCG is, you don't have to mix anything before you take it. So all you have to do is buy it online from a trustworthy source, drip the drops under the tongue as described in the instructions that will come with the bottle and also follow the diet plan to the letter. However, if you decide to go with pharmaceutical HCG, you will have to mix the HCG with other components (various vitamins, water, amino acids) every time before taking it.

So if you are really serious about going on the diet, I recommend you visit this HCG blog, as it provides tons of useful info on the HCG drops for weight loss.

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