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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Healthy Weight Loss - Is Extreme Weight Loss Healthy For You?

When it comes to losing weight, advertisers know that most people are on the verge of desperation when they look at the scale and decide that they have to do something about it. And most also know that extreme weight loss sounds sexy to people. It's much sexier to make promises of losing an extreme amount of weight in a short period of time and make people think that they will end up with the results they want in a very short amount of time. That may make you wonder, is it healthy to lose an extreme amount of weight?

Now, the common sense part of our brains should be on fire when you ask this question. Common sense would say that its probably not the best idea that someone can lose weight really fast. Conventional wisdom tells us that for most people, a weight loss of more than a couple of pounds per week is too much. When a person loses weight too quickly, then they are going to lose a lot more than just fat. They are also going to lose muscle.

Here's what happens when you lose muscle while trying to lose an extreme amount of weight: You actually slow down your metabolism. That's right. By trying to lose weight too quickly, you are going to make things harder because as you lose muscle mass... you are also slowing down your metabolism. So, it is definitely not the healthiest option for you.

What is a much better option for losing an extreme amount of weight?

As much as you may want to get results as quickly as possible, the best option is to approach things from a much more patient perspective. Set a goal to lose a couple of pounds per week. Maintain a healthy amount of exercise and incorporate good eating habits. That may not sound like the sexiest option, but it works and it has the least amount of adverse effects.

Why do you want to approach things from a slower perspective?

Besides the fact that you really should not lose muscle along the way, you also want to create habits that you can keep. When most people approach losing weight with an attitude of losing it very fast, they do not create lasting habits. So, when they reach their goal weight, they go right back to what they have always done and that leads to them putting back on the weight that they lost. When you approach things from a slower and more patient perspective, you can create habits that will last a lifetime.

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