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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

In this day and age of stress, rushing, and pulling your hair, the first thing that comes to mind, is fast food. When we pull up at the fast food place, are we thinking that the food we are buying is unhealthy, or fattening? Of course NOT! All we are doing is solving the problem at hand, which is feed our families and ourselves.

Ah-ha! Therein lies the conflict. While we are solving the immediate problem, we are overlooking the more long term consequences of our actions. That sounds as if I'm working to give you a guilty complex; but nothing is further from my mind. What I am compelled to do is to enlighten you to the dangers of fast food, processed meats and boxed items that you may purchase at your Supermarket.

You know that what I'm saying is true; because you can feel it in the clothes you're wearing which fit a bit tighter. It matters not if you are a woman or a man, the consequences are the same.

Now you decide to start a diet, you know, any one of those diets that you have tried before and that probably gave you temporary results. But in order to have long lasting results, you need to go about it in a healthy way.

When people are faced with life or death situations, they must decide what they want to do:

1) Continue with what they have been doing so far which has brought them to this situation, or

2) Do they face reality? If they want to continue to live, they should decide to start a new life-style, one that will be with them from here on.

If we decide to change, we may start by rethinking what we ingest.

Do we want to lose weight?

Start by calculating your caloric daily intake based on your sex, height, age and physical activity. Once you have those numbers, deduct 500 calories from your daily intake in order to lose one pound per week, if you wish to lose more, you must increase your physical activity.

Stay away from fast food, processed meats, aged cheeses, and refined carbohydrates to name a few. Fast foods are loaded with saturated fats; aged cheeses raise your cholesterol, and refined carbohydrates cause us to get overweight.

Instead, eat more vegetables, fruits and carry a bag with low fat nuts for those moments of cravings, but to rid yourself of the cravings, when the feeling hits you, change gears; take a walk, dance, listen to music, have sex or anything other than what you were doing when you felt the cravings, eventually the feeling will pass.

If you haven't been exercising, start now. Start slowly and increase a bit each time you do. Challenge yourself. Do not concentrate on just one area of your body. If you cannot work on the whole, work one part today, another in your next session and so on until you have worked your whole body.

Practice the above for a weight loss the healthy way!

Here's to our good health!

Gladys Alvarez has done what millions of interested people were hoping for; the legwork concerning weight loss and health issues. With 45 years experience in the health, fitness and weight loss fields; and through extensive research, she has finally eliminated all the hype out of the losing weight plans that are in the online weight loss programs, presenting you with only the very best. As a correspondent who has traveled world wide and experienced first hand the different styles of nutrition in diverse countries. For more information on health issues and weight loss, please visit her website at TODAY!

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