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Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Daily Evaluation Can Keep You On Track for Weight Loss Goals

Many of us make a common mistake when we are setting a weight loss goal. Once we have set our goal and we are progressing towards it, we never stop to evaluate how we are doing along the way. We then, perhaps a couple of months down the line, wonder why we have not reached our goal.

The best approach to prevent this from happening is to organise a daily evaluation plan where we can clearly assess whether we are keeping on track with our weight loss goal. To prevent this from happening to us, we need to set up a daily evaluation process where we can clearly see whether we are still on track with our goals.

The initial step in this process is to clarify exactly what steps we want to take each day to promote weight loss. Do we need to reduce our intake of processed and fast food? Reduce our sugar intake? Increase our fruit and vegetable consumption? Do we need to increase our water intake? Do we need to get more active and workout each day? All of these methods are effective for promoting weight loss, but we may have other methods, strategies, or techniques that work best for ourselves personally. We should make detailed notes of all these steps so that we know precisely what we will be doing every day to progress towards our weight loss goals.

At the end of each day, we should check through our list and evaluate whether we have stayed on track or deviated.

Are there certain issues that need more attention? Is our willpower lacking in certain areas? Are there any old bad habits which are occurring during our day?

When we are aware of issues that need addressing to keep us on track, we need to take the necessary steps to improve them.

For example, if we are in the habit of drinking lots of high calorie soda drinks each day and we are finding it challenging giving it up. We can compromise by allowing ourselves a single daily 8 oz serving. We should try to maintain this for a couple of weeks, and then reduce the quantity to a 4 oz serving. Eventually we should be able to totally eliminate it, or if we are still having difficulty, we could substitute it with low-calorie iced tea, or soda water with lemon, or the addition of a couple of tablespoons of fruit juice.

The strategies we use to overhaul our unhealthy habits are unimportant, provided we are working continually on creating improved habits. If we constantly evaluate our progress, we will know where our weaknesses are, and be able to keep on top of any problem areas. This is an excellent and efficient method of keeping ourselves on track during our journey to achieving our weight loss goals.

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