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Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To Avoid Eating

It's a great question and it's asked by millions every day in their pursuit of losing weight and keeping it off. The real question though is, how do we avoid overeating.

So is there a secret about how to avoid overeating? You bet there is and we all know what it is. The problem is that few of us are able to take the action necessary to achieve success.

The only way to avoid eating too much is to modify the eating habits that we have developed over our lifetime that cause us to do it. These habits tell us when to eat, how much to eat and what to eat. They determine all the reasons we eat the way we do and because they are so ingrained, they won't let us change without a fight.

Since we were babies our habits have been cemented in our brain by parents, siblings, peers and society. All of these people who helped us create habits had theirs created in the same way. It's a vicious, repeating cycle of learning that's like the old schoolyard spinning carousel. We all get on and help spin it faster and faster, but then we want to get off. But because it's spinning so fast, no one is able to get off. Only by everyone agreeing to slow it down are we able to safely get off the carousel.

Unfortunately, in our society, everyone has not agreed to change the way we eat and in that way we are creating a whole new generation of bad habit teachers. By failing to teach our children smarter ways to eat, we doom them to ride the same spinning carousel that we're on and dooming their children to "enjoy" the ride.

If we ever hope to change the habits we have and create an environment where our children can learn smarter habits, we have to be the ones to make the first move. Changing our eating habits is no different from changing any other habit. And like any other habit we have, change is always difficult. Because food is not an option like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, changing that habit is even more difficult.

However, even though doing away with food is not an option, changing how we look at it, think about it and use it, can be changed. And it's not that difficult if it's done in the right way.

Most people who want to lose weight decide to diet, exercise or commit to eating less. They realize that they must change their eating habits and by doing one of these things, they will change it.

What people fail to recognize when they decide to do one of these things is that these "big" habits they are trying to change are made up of many "small" habits. They soon find out that trying to change a "big" habit is not looked kindly upon by the brain that they have trained for years to do just the opposite. In the end, failure and disappointment are the result and future attempts at doing the same thing will end up with the same result.

When you examine how habits are formed you become more aware of how to change them. Most habit "experts" will tell you, start "small." What they usually don't tell you is that in addition to starting small, you must be very specific about what you want to change. Saying you're going to eat less may sound easy, but saying you're going to stop eating cheese is very specific and by habits standards, is a pretty small habit. When you decide to eat less your brain is going to say "oh no you don't". When you decide to stop eating cheese, your brain will hardly notice.

Obviously, not eating cheese will not solve your weight problem. But if you stop eating cheese, then two months later stop using cream in your coffee, then two months later stop eating candy bars, you will chip away at your overeating habits without your brain even noticing that you've done it. Will you lose 20 pounds in 30 days, no. Will you develop 6 pack abs in 30 days, no. Will you begin to get your eating habits under control and start losing weight, absolutely. Will you learn how to avoid eating more than you should, you bet.

It you don't change your habits, your habits will make sure you never change.

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