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Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Cope With Periods of Bad Diet Days

Many of us go through periods of time when we wonder why we ever started a weight loss plan. Perhaps our progress is not as fast as we would like, or we are making no progress at all. We may be dreading the prospect of continually counting calories or following an exercise regime, and we are beginning to think that being overweight and happy for the rest of our lives is much more appealing.

Many of us that have tried to lose weight have probably experienced at least one of these days, and some of us encounter the problem even more regularly.

What is the cause of this lapse in focus? This may be because we are so intent on achieving our weight loss goal that we are trying too hard and hurrying too much.

The problem is we become too impatient.

This is an excellent way to cope with these irritating bad diet days:

Firstly, we need to slow down

We need to remind ourselves that we do not have to set ourselves unrealistic time restrictions or have to rush to the finishing line. Even if we do manage to reach our weight loss goal, we will still need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime for the rest of our lives, so there is no need to hurry. By hurrying, we are convincing ourselves that soon we will be finally at the end of the journey, but we will be setting ourselves up for a disappointment because we will never truly be finished with a healthy lifestyle.

Secondly, we need to evaluate where we are and why we feel dissatisfied with our progress. Is it really a problem to be where we are at the moment? What are the good points about our current situation? We should try to find a few positive things about where we are now that will make us feel good, or at least be proud of our achievements so far. Sometimes simply looking back to where we began is sufficient to make us realise that things are not so bad right now, or even greatly improved.

Finally, we need to keep reminding ourselves this will soon pass, it is merely one bad day and it does not mean our whole weight loss journey will follow the same pattern.

When we think about it, a bad day dieting is exactly the same as a bad day not dieting, except we cannot calm our frustration, stress, or anxieties with food when we are dieting. The solution is to find other ways to release these feelings of frustration and stress. We could work them off physically, or creatively, which will help to resolve the emotional turmoil rather than letting things build within us, making us feel inadequate and miserable.

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