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Saturday, January 21, 2012

How To Lose Weight By Dancing - The Health Benefits of Losing Weight By Dancing

You may be wondering, how can I lose weight by dancing? Is there any relationship between dance and weight lose? What are the benefits of losing weight by dancing? Well, pleasure is the secret ingredient that is ESSENTIAL for your weight-loss success!

Our bodies were designed to move, have fun, and feel good. Moving and using our bodies is necessary if you must lose weight. The secret with DANCING is that our Pleasure Center is in our hips. Our hip is the center of our movement. We feel things in our gut, and being tapped in our pleasure center makes us feel energized and creative.

Losing weight by dancing benefits you by affecting you body in three different areas. Dance benefits your Mind, your Body, and your Spirit!


When you're dancing, you engage your mind on the muscles. This increases your weight-loss results, because you are paying your full attention on each movement.

Dancing challenges your mind to focus on learning new things. This increases the health of your brain by increasing blood flow and alertness.

Dancing provides a wonderful way of quieting your minds. It's a form of meditation which involves movement. Meditation offers great stress-reducing benefits.


Dancing releases endorphins in your body. This helps you to feel naturally high and happy, pleasurable and at peace with your life.

Dancing provides full-body workout by using your large muscles and other small muscles you don't use on regular basis. Muscle movement during dancing is the opposite of the swinging motion you use when you walk. Studies have revealed that dancers have higher fitness level than swimmers.

By dancing you connect to your "Powerhouse Core" muscles. The Powerhouse Core muscles include your upper and lower back, abdomen, hips, buttocks and inner thigh. Dancing teaches and connects you with these core muscles and extent all other movement from these muscles.

By strengthening your Core Muscles dancing produces beautiful posture, flexibility, and a strong back and legs. If you've ever observed a ballet dancer? - Beautiful, hot posture! (Understand what I mean)


Dancing makes you to love and appreciate your body. When you dance you develop clear and easy ways to love and care for yourself. This attitude is reflected in all areas of your life.

Good dancers attract the best partners. When you dance you become attractive to other people. Documented studies in Jamaica shows that confident dancers attract the best partners.

Dancing makes you feel free and alive. The ancient tradition of treating yourself as Queen or king is the attitude expressed by dancing.

Eprim Chim is an online writer, fitness trainer and weight lose researcher. His unbiased reviews has helped many of his followers to make right decisions on the best ways to lose weight.

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