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Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Maintain Weight?

There is a lot of difference between losing weight and maintaining weight. While weight loss is about losing excess body weight, maintaining weight is about weight control or the act of trying to maintain a healthy body weight for long.

Maintaining Healthy Weight

Maintaining healthy body weight requires proper planning and strategic methods to be implemented. One has to include diets that work and improve eating habits and patterns together with daily activities to maintain weight. Weight maintenance also means that a person has to develop an overall pattern of varied behavioral routines that can support the exercise and dietary habits. Maintain healthy body weight is all about adopting a new attitude towards life, yourself and the foods habits you are used to.

Success Strategies to Maintain Weight

There are some strategies that can be incorporated in your daily life to ensure healthy weight control. The strategies include:

Eating a healthy breakfast regularly.
Monitor your body weight from time to time. If not regularly, at least once in a week should be fine.
Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to burn 400 calories a day. This is necessary to control weight.
Walking is the best exercise to control weight, so try to walk every day.
Follow a diet that works, which would be a fat-free diet. Eat healthy carbs and do not avoid any food groups as each of these groups is equally important.
Control your overall calorie-intake. On an average, a person should not consume more than 1400 calories.

Weight Control and Motivation

It is important to stay motivated when you want to control weight. Failure is a part of life, and it comes in a bigger way when it comes to weight control. Therefore, when you are trying to maintain weight in the long run, make sure you make things difficult for yourself to fail!

Always avoid phrases that start with NEVER! "I will NEVER have French fries." - It just makes you weak.

There are many occasions that lead to problems when you are on a weight control mode - social occasions, parties, barbecues and dining out. If these occasions are necessary, try to eat only the low-calorie food served. There are diets that actually work at such occasions too if you know how to

Do not nibble food leftovers - it is neither necessary, nor appreciated. It is always better to avoid leftovers or excess foods as they tend to accumulate on the hips and within coronary arteries.

Temptations have to be watched and monitored carefully. Whenever you feel tempted to eat, exercise and be active. Physical exercise can be beneficial to control food cravings and for maintaining weight as well.

Weight Control Mantra - Eat Less, Eat Often

Eating less in portion and more often than usual actually helps in stabilizing the level of blood sugar and keeps you full. It helps in maintaining efficient metabolism levels too.

Stay Informed

Information is the most powerful resource when you intend to control weight. Therefore, learn more about dietary fat, nutrition, calories and weight maintenance. This is the best way to control weight.

For more details on how to maintain weight learn about the diets that work best for you.

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