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Monday, January 16, 2012

How To Maintain Your Diet Plan When Trying To Lose Weight

Maintaining a diet plan is reasonably easy to begin with because we are focused, determined and motivated. We are thrilled with the prospect of losing weight, and we are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve success. However as the weeks go by our enthusiasm may begin to diminish. We may start to dread the thought of having to eat yet another boring salad, or are reluctant to face the ordeal of exercising with super slim gym instructors. It would be lovely if we could be magically transformed overnight and have the sleek, toned physique we have always wanted.

There are simple solutions to this problem. There is no need to abandon the diet, and we do not have to suffer through this for the next few months. All we need to do is adjust our focus in order to revitalise our motivation and determination as well as overhauling our attitude.

#1 - Slow the Pace

Firstly, we should stop trying to progress too fast. Yes, our main goal is to lose weight, but we also want to maintain good health and well-being for the rest of our lives. If we allow a feeling of desperation to succeed to monopolise our thoughts, we may be tempted to employ desperate measure to shed those unwanted pounds, which will not serve us well in the long-term.

Instead, we need to be patient. Being patient is difficult when all we really want to do is successfully reach our weight loss goal. We need to take things slowly, step by step and day by day. Remember, it took much longer than a day to gain the weight, so obviously it is going to take more than a day to lose it again. Rather than feeling anxious, frustrated and irritable because we have not achieved our goal yet, we should try to look forward enthusiastically to the day when we succeed. We should use our imagination and think about how fantastic we will feel and how stunning we will look, and so on. This can be an inspiring and motivating exercise that will empower us to maintain our commitment to our diet, rather than making us detest it.

#2 - Make Compromises

One of the reasons we feel so frustrated and impatient may be because we cannot stand the rigorous programme we have set ourselves. If this is the case we should begin to allow ourselves a little flexibility in our plan. Sticking strictly to a rigid inflexible plan is a sure way to make us feel disillusioned and impatient. Instead we should try making small compromises with ourselves. Rather than depriving ourselves of any sweets whatsoever, we should allow ourselves a small serving of something perhaps once each week or two. Instead of forcing ourselves to endure an intense workout 7 days a week, we could perhaps give ourselves one day off each week. Any form of physical activity is good, so why not enjoy something which is fun instead of a formal workout. Perhaps we could play with the children in the park, go for a family cycle ride, or do a little gardening.

#3 - Strengthening Willpower

Although it may take time and practice, developing strong willpower is an important part of any weight loss programme. If we have just begun our diet and are struggling to stay focused and committed, we should practice strengthening our willpower by constantly affirming that we are fully committed to adopting a healthy new lifestyle. When temptations arise, we should keep fighting any weakness by affirming our determination to overcome them with our strong willpower and determination to succeed.

These three strategies can be powerful and effective in helping us to maintain our diet and exercise regime, but we need to employ these actions regularly. If we keep working on them, before long they will become part of our daily and weekly routine, as we progress towards our weight loss goal.

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