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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lose Stomach Fat Effortlessly

Obesity is a fast-going problem in most of the developed countries. Burgers, pastas, pizzas and other high calorific diets have very much become a major part of the routine; and in addition to that, the lifestyle has become too sedentary. How would you expect not to put on weight? This might be the myth that the diet industry has created over time. Perhaps this is not true.

What is more important for a weight loss program? Let the program fall under any category, be it dieting, be it exercise or pills, have you ever wondered what would take you until the end? Yes, it is motivation. You need people around you to motivate you. You need to feel the motivation in the first place to stick on to your program. That being said, let me share three most popularly seen myths that the diet industry has created.


Is it that interesting or effortless to diet that everyone that thinks of shedding pounds is opting for dieting? Isn't it a sick thing to do? Frankly have you never felt of taking a break in between, say for a day or a week or a moth based on the severity of your diet? And at the top of it, you have to count your calories which is going to be an additional and irritating task. Even if you count your calories, how long would it be easy for you to keep a count on your calories? Most importantly it is not accurate all the time.

Metabolism, Age and Body Type

Most people think that they are destined with bad genetics. They would have taken enough efforts to torch extra pounds but despite all that they end up in failure. This is because there is no enough understanding of their own body type. Why should you be one among them? These three factors - age, bad metabolism, bad genetics or body type can't stop you from shedding weight. It is again a myth created by the diet industry to keep you frustrated all the time.

Foods that You Avoid

Most dieticians prescribe a diet or plan that omits fat, cheese, carbohydrates and other delicious items thinking that those contribute to weight gain. This is just another myth created and maintained by the diet industry just to sell their products.

These foods consumed in the right quantity at the right time will help you shed weight. This is not impossible. In fact, it was once telecasted in CNN that a guy ate all these and yet lost weight.

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This is Ramya, a Biotechnologist. Ever since I studied Food Technology, I developed enormous interest in diet and dieting techniques. Also I was keen in exploring the connection between food and skin. Therefore you can find articles related to diet and skin in my section.

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