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Friday, January 13, 2012

Motivation for Weight Loss and Dieting

To achieve a goal such as weight loss, one needs to have motivation, the desire to achieve that goal. As discussed in the seven habits of highly effective people, to succeed in achieving something, you have to make a habit of it. It defines a habit as an intersection of knowledge, skill and desire. In this article, we look at the desire to lose weight. What motivates you to go that extra mile and achieve you weight loss goals. Unless you have the desire to lose weight or simply put, unless you want to lose weight, you will never make it a habit and that way, you will always loose very little or lose a lot of weight and gain it back in a very short span of time. So, what drives you?

Most of us live to eat, but in essence, you should eat to lives: we are so used to eating junk food that obesity has become a grave condition in our society. Children are fast becoming overweight, women are always throwing in the towel on diets that they expected to work rapidly but they didn't work while teenagers are continuously eating their way to their graves. Many people have always treated food as a reward. Most have always said that eating a lot calms them down especially when they have stress over something. But living to eat is what these people are doing. Changing our attitudes toward food is essential in losing weight. If you don't want to change your diet, simply control your portions. Personally, I have found this way of losing weight not as effective because it tempts people to eat more of bad, unhealthy foods. View food differently. View it as fuel for your body. Plan your meals to incorporate vitamins, proteins, fiber and other essential nutrients. Eating more of these healthy foods ensures that we eat healthy while taking in fewer calories.
Take one small step at a time: break your weight loss task into small sequential steps. I have met a lot of people who want to lose 16 pounds in two weeks. Guess what, it all comes back in a short span of time. Strive to lose 1-2 pounds a week. This ensures that you lose mostly fat. Otherwise, you would be losing muscle and water. Muscle is essential for burning calories so you would not want to lose that. Loosing water is as useless because you will gain it back, and fast. Engage one step at a time. If walking is your preferred aerobic routine, start by walking for 30 minutes, moderately. Increase your endurance buy walking an hour in a fast pace after some time. Take the bull by the horns. If it is meals, replace your snacks with healthy substitutes. For example, replacing a bottle of soda with a cup of unsweetened tea or diet soda is a great way to cut calories. Do this every day, ensure you maintain consistency and you will build a healthy habit out of it.

We shall look at more motivation tips to get you going with your weight loss planning in the next article, motivation for weight reduction.

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