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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The REAL Secret of Easy Weight Loss!

Perhaps the largest stumbling block people come to when losing weight is starting. How regularly have you wondered to yourself 'I need to be healthy' and 'I'm going on a diet', only to end with 'I'll start next month'. The reason for this train of thought is that you really don't have any info on where to start or how to get going on your diet plan. It's difficult to have a long term target and road to follow if you don't have strategy to get there! If you are the sort of individual that i described then this is the info for you! If you dream of losing a little bit or lots of weight; it doesn't matter. These diet tips will promote fast weight loss regardless of your shape or your eating habits!

It's best to start at the beginning, so the first thing you should do is get a strategy. What you need to do is set yourself some targets. No, not just the long term target of your target weight, but the short term points on the journey. Every little target takes you a little closer to your dream and if you keep every one of these goals in sight rather than a distant dream you will find your diet plan to be a very organized and easy to follow road. Set weight loss targets that are realistic such as losing 2 lbs this week, running for 30 minutes each day etc. Here are some vital questions to ask yourself if you want to lose that extra weight!

1. What is your projected goal weight?

2. What length of time is it going to take to lose the weight?

You have to take action about this because it's an important first step in losing a lot of weight. Whenever you have decided for yourself just how much weight you want to lose and the timeframe to do it, you should write this down. Writing down your targets is extremely important as it helps to visualise the task at hand. Put your goals somewhere that you can see them regularly every day such as a note on your monitor or on your fridge. This will give you timely messages of what you are hoping to do and the time you're hoping to finish it. Having the targets on the fridge is vitally important as it as a note of your weight loss as you reach for junk food. It will remind you that you are being weak and will ruin your attempts and diet efforts.

Having goals is a useful stimulus and weight loss tip. However, having targets is not the alpha and omega. Your goals and targets have to be realistic if you are to keep your weight loss motivation in sight. Therefore your goals and weight loss targets have to be REALISTIC. If you give yourself goals which are unrealistic you are getting ready for failure. This WILL drain you of your inspiration. So it's extremely important to keep it real and get to your goals rather than become angry and stressed which will only lead you to the foods that got you here in the first place! In order to stay away from these foods you need build healthy weight loss habits.

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