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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rob Poulos Lit the Furnace on Weight Loss

The Fat Burning Furnace Fitness System was created by Rob Poulos, along with his wife, Kalen, which consists of a manual and a series of videos that explain how to raise metabolism, gain muscle and lose weight. The Fat Burning Furnace Fitness System has been called one of the best selling fat loss informational systems in the market. And Poulos continues to keep improving the system even today.

Poulos, an American fitness expert, once struggled with his own weight loss and he really wanted to find something that made him lose pounds fast. He tried many methods, diets, workouts, pills, supplements and contraptions, spending bundles of money (over $20,000) on things and techniques that just were not working. So while developing The Fat Burning Furnace System, Poulos and his wife lost a total of 101 pounds of fat. Kalen went from a size 12 to a size 4. His brother Mike lost 40 pounds and eight inches off his waistline in six weeks. Realizing the experience had helped them to curb obesity and health related illnesses for years to come, Paulos documented their success stories, tested and analyzed the system to make it more efficient than previously used methods. After the success stories and all the data was in place, The Fat Burning Furnace System became a product and Poulos knew it was time to market it and make it available to the mainstream public.

The Fat Burning Furnace program discusses a process of increasing the resting metabolism rate which is the rate that the body is at rest but still burning calories, therefore burning more calories all day long. The program is geared toward beginners and does not require a whole lot of change in your lifestyle. A series of specific foods and exercises will help a person increase their resting metabolism rate. Different vitamins and minerals should be consumed so this 'furnace' works at a higher, more efficient speed. Then the exercises are a series of 20 to 25 minute workouts in which exercises are done at a slower rate to increase their impact. Additionally, the program provides meal plans and recipes that coincide with other parts of the program. This fat burning process continues to help people burn calories and fat faster, keep it off, and kick-start their physical energy and strength. The program is designed so a person does not have to cut calories because that would make a person hungrier and would also slow down the metabolic chemical rates.

It is still Rob Poulos' basic belief as well as the concept of his plan, the fact that your body has the capacity to burn fat. You just need to do the proper things to turn that natural flame into a full fat burning furnace. This entails the right exercises and the correct eating habits that make this happen.

The Fat Burning Furnace has become a very popular diet and fitness program worldwide and people are surprised at the simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques used with this program. The program has helped thousands of people because its approach to weight loss is methodical and efficient.

Poulos currently writes numerous articles on fitness, health and weight loss topics, as well as newsletters of motivation and encouragement and resides in the United States.

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