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Monday, January 30, 2012

Rock Climbing to Help Me Lose Weight

Let's say you are an adventurer. Let's also say that you are an adventurer who likes to go outside and exercise to lose weight. It is not difficult to burn 400 to 500 calories from your body every day that you spend climbing a moderately sized boulder. So, instead of watching your diet under a microscope, you can simply go to the side of an indoor or outdoor rock and start exercising. Watching your diet, and working out by rock climbing are ideal for quickly losing weight. At the same time, you can strengthen your heart and lungs, while toning the muscles all over your body.

Regardless of your skill level scaling the side of a rock, your body must be properly nourished. Make sure that you always have access to drinking water, because you must always remain properly hydrated. You cannot afford to grow weak or lose concentration. Your body may sweat so much that you'll urgently need water. Meanwhile, you never want to become overheated. Simply plan ahead, and make sure you have access to plenty of water before you climb, while you are on the rock, and after your big escapade.

If you think that you should rock climb with nothing in your tummy to make your body lighter, you are wrong. The last thing you want while hanging from a rock is an aching stomach growling with hunger pains. Your entire body needs to feel properly fueled. One of the best methods of filling your belly before climbing is to watch how much fiber you eat for 24 hours before you try conquering any rock. Give your body plenty of protein by eating cold-water fish, like salmon and tuna. Avocados are wonderful treats, as are nuts. Eat whole wheat bread, not white bread. Snack on fresh fruit, and save the canned produce for the next hurricane. Sure, white bread and canned fruit can still energize your body, but you certainly do not need to take any bathroom breaks in the great outdoors.

Before rock climbing, you should rely on a low-card meal that is easy to digest. Avoid fatty foods. Drink water, green tea or a flavored sports drink, like Propel or Gatorade. You do not need to drink so much that your stomach or your bladder will grow uncomfortable. You should also pack easy-to-digest granola bars or energy bars for your day along the rock.

When climbing, you should take advantage of every opportunity you get to rest your body. Sit back and enjoy a drink for 10 or 15 minutes. Re-energize your body with a little snack full of carbohydrates. Take in the view, and preserve the moment in your head. If not, you can always use your cell phone to take a picture of your rock climbing experience to lose weight.

When I was a kid, I would spend every summer along the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina. I spent my days hiking, white water rafting down the ice-cold river, and scaling magnificent rocks. I loved rock climbing. I wanted to go last summer, but I was afraid that I had gotten too fat. I asked my doctor how to lose weight fast, and he suggested something fun, like basketball or rock climbing to help me lose weight. I had forgotten how much fun weight loss could be. What a fabulous idea. Thanks Doc!

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