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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Slim and Sultry Appearance Through Healthy Diet and Exercise

The struggle of weight loss often keeps both men and women from enjoying daily activities and at times even socializing. This holds true for those who are even just a few pounds overweight but are embarrassed by how they look which keeps them from doing normal activities such as going to the beach or getting dressed up for a night out. By constantly depriving themselves of a nice meal and an evening out because they are on a diet but never losing the weight and going off the diet creates an endless cycle of frustration. They may turn to extreme measures including diet pills or crash diets which can create long term health problems to be slim for a special event such as a wedding or graduation. Rebound weight gain, dependance on diet pills and the inability to stick with a poorly planned program are just a few of negative side effects which often result from crash dieting. They may also have an unrealistic goal in mind as well as perceiving themselves to be heavier than what they actually are.

Combating the problem through focus on healthy meals and targeted exercise has shown the best long term results and also gives people a sense of renewed power over their lives. By learning how to control their hunger and provide their bodies with nutrition rather than starving them to reduce weight they are able to achieve their dreams of a more slim and sultry figure.

Diets and exercise programs need to be somewhat tailored to the individual however and not just taken directly from a book or online program. By understanding your own needs and health issues a one size fits all program can be easily transformed into a personalized program. Anyone suffering from health issues such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure as well as healthy adults should consult with a doctor and determine whether the program they choose will be beneficial for them and cause no harm with their disease or medicines. Most people are able to add a walking regimen without any negative side effects. Stationary bikes are ideal for those with knee problems and can be increased to add a cardio workout as well.

Variety is the spice of life and this pertains to the food we eat as well as exercise programs. By switching between weight lifting, yoga and stretching programs and cardiovascular workouts you not only will decrease boredom but will actually improve the overall effectiveness. Muscles need to rest between workouts particularly when using weights as they create small tears within the muscle which must heal. Stretching before and after exercising decreases the chances of injury while improving the appearance of long muscles creating a leaning overall appearance. Strengthening the body core will increase resting metabolic rate which means the body continues to burn more calories even at rest as well as creating a slimmer posture.

Determine long term goals and identify any health concerns and find a diet and exercise program which addresses these. Get off the diet merry-go-round and start enjoying life to create your signature slim and sultry style.

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