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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Sodium Packed Thanksgiving Meal

One meal can ruin an entire month's worth of work. The Thanksgiving meal can pack a hefty amount of calories in one sitting. 320 calories sit in the pumpkin pie slice. Not too bad, but most people don't just stop at one piece. They also pair that piece of pie with a plate piled high with Thanksgiving goodies. It is one meal. Think of it this way and you won't jump into the bowl of gravy. There will also be leftovers so you don't have to eat the entire buffet in one sitting.

Another big shocker for most is that Thanksgiving food is packed with sodium. You already know you are going to unbutton the pants after dinner so why feel like a floating blowfish at the same time? The traditional turkey is not packed with sodium, but if you buy it from the deli already sliced make sure to double check the fine print. Stuffing brings a whopping 600 milligrams, gravy adds about 300 more and if you used canned goods then you are turning up the temperature to about 350 milligrams each. Preserved foods use sodium. The family members and friends that bring side dishes baked out of a box are the ones bringing the excess salt to the table

It all goes back to the elder's way of cooking. The oldest at the feast will probably tell you their Thanksgiving meals were cooked from scratch with feast from the farm animals. If you don't live on a farm then don't fret either. The cook can have control over the sodium if they are making everything from scratch. Most cooking aids do come in low sodium these days. You can watch how you make the foods from scratch. Potatoes are better with a touch of salt, but not much. They can be given flavor in other ways. Many spices and herbs can give taste to food as well. Just be careful those spices aren't hiding salt. Food never has to be bland, but does not need salt to spice it up. The elders will tell you they never lacked in the taste department at a holiday gathering.

Making good choices will help save the month and not leave you in a food coma on the couch after dinner. One meal does not have to mean the diet is doomed and you are ready for failure. Enjoy the good meal in small portions and wake up ready to tackle the holiday festivities.

Julie Adams is the Marketing Coordinator at Davisson Clinic's Diet by Design Weight Loss Center in Dallas, Texas. A forever West Texan Julie credits her achievements to her degree in Broadcast Journalism at Texas Tech University. She is helping the Davisson Clinic launch its social media platforms. This clinic offers prescription and non prescription weight loss programs all designed specifically for each client. Everyone on the staff is highly educated in both nutrition and weight loss. Julie has always been involved in fitness activities and sporting events. She enjoys sharing what she has learned at the clinic to change the destiny of others. Potential clients are welcome to get a free consultation at the clinic by visiting

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