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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Successful Weight Loss Requires Actions Not Excuses

When it comes to being overweight, we're so creative with our excuses!" I've got the fat gene", or "I can't go to the gym tonight, it's raining", or even "I'll start my diet next week".

It's so easy to limit our potential in life by focusing on what we can't do. Can't is a choice, a choice to not do something, perhaps out of fear of change, or because it's an unknown, or just because it's a habit. If we're truly honest with ourselves, in most cases saying "I can't lose weight"really is just another excuse, and the only person we're kidding is ourselves. Oftentimes, we're actually choosing to not lose weight because it's the easier path, rather than choosing to change our behaviour and our thinking, and putting in the effort this requires.

One of my favourite quotes is from Henry Ford who said "whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right". Just think about that for a moment! On the Shrinking Thinking weight management programme, we help you to change your thinking so you can choose to take action, rather than give excuses.

Here are some of the more common excuses around losing weight & exercising. Do any of them sound familiar?

I just don't have the time to exercise - perhaps you're looking after your family, or spending all your time at work. The reality is you are choosing to spend more time on others' needs than on your own, and your health & well-being can suffer because of this. Even when you feel your circumstances are out of your control, you still have a choice in what you choose to do. It's time to get selfish & choose to focus on your own needs. As you start to lose weight & feel better, your family and your work will benefit from your increased energy & positivity. And as an extra benefit, the time spent looking after your health now will most likely mean less time spent in poor health in later life.

I'm too embarrassed to go to the gym. Many people fear going to the gym because it'll be full of Lycra clad, fit people. So what! Your health & well-being is for YOU, not anyone else. Be selfish, choose to put yourself first, choose to stop worrying about what others think. Most people in the gym are so focussed on their own training that they won't even notice you, let alone your size or what clothes you're wearing. Those that do notice you will be welcoming & supportive of your decision to do something positive for your health, and will even help you to learn about using the equipment. Another favourite quote of ours to remember is "those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." (Dr Seuss).

But I don't like vegetables! Another great excuse. So many people equate losing weight with eating salad and being hungry but it really doesn't have to be like that. There are many simple ways to lose weight - by reducing portion sizes, or cutting down on fats, carbohydrates, sugary drinks or alcohol, by increasing your exercise, or by a combination of these. What you've chosen to eat in the past has become a habit which is locking you into an unhealthy life. The good news is it only takes around 3 weeks to form a new healthy food habit, and you can choose to start your new habit today.

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