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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tips On How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

We all struggle with wanting to feel good and look better, but few of us know how to do so successfully.

If we are overweight we start going on a diet of one kind or another. It's all about dieting, dieting and more dieting. We get excited when we lose a few pounds, but then get discouraged when we either stop losing or gain the weight back again.

What we don't think about is the fact that in order to really be successful, we must start by changing our lifestyle. Losing the weight part is really not the difficult part; the difficult part is keeping it off permanently.

We tell ourselves that we have a glandular problem, if we really believe that is the case, then we should see an Endocrinologist. Once we know for sure that this is not the causes of our overweight, and in most cases it is not, then we are ready to take charge, if we are really serious about losing the weight.

For starters, you can ask yourself why you are over eating or eating the wrong things. Food is, to some of us our "comfort zone" we eat because we are bored, or sad, or frustrated or any other number of reasons, food gets us through the moment, but remember, it is only temporary and in the long run, all we are doing is gaining weight and affecting our general health. Keep in mind, as the old saying goes, "We eat to live, we don't live to eat".

Generally, we know we should not be consuming fast foods which are loaded with all kinds of "no-nos", such as saturated fats, salt, sugars and I haven't mentioned all sorts of chemicals. We are made to think these foods are cheap, but studies have shown that low income societies who frequent fast food places daily or more times than others, pay the price with their health by becoming overweight and obese. Do we read the labels on the foods we are buying? Very few of us do.

We know we should include more fruits, vegetables and nuts but let's not go overboard by avoiding "bad" foods all at once, if we do that, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Try instead lessening some of the fatty stuff and replacing it with a healthy dose of veggies, or fruits until your taste buds get used to the idea as well as your brain.

The more strictly you deprive yourself, the more you will have cravings for those foods you are denying yourself. Don't forget to prepare and carry a small bag with low salt mixed nuts for snacks. They will satisfy you and will take care of the cravings, while they are very low in calories. When you decide on the kind of nuts you would like, check their fat content.

And lastly, if you exercise, great! If you don't, start!

Best results!

Gladys Alvarez has spent over forty five years working in different Medical Fields to include Surgical Oncology, Research on Aids at one of our most prestigious universities as well as has been a correspondent who has traveled extensively around the world studying different lifestyles, cultures and their nutritional habits because she is committed to educate the consumer as to the benefits of living a happy, healthy lifestyle through fitness and weight loss. If you have found this article helpful, please visit my website at TODAY!

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