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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

VASER Liposuction - Doubts You Should Clarify With the Surgeon

VASER Lipo is the latest innovative process in the field of cosmetic surgery, offering people their desired body shape. The term VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, which utilizes ultrasonic energy for loosening the fatty tissues before removing the fat with specially designed cannula. This upgraded surgical technique has received FDA approval as a body contouring process in 2001. However, since it is a new technique, it is always better to clarify your doubts with your surgeon before undergoing the process.

The first and foremost question is whether you are suitable for VASER Lipo at all?
Though VASER Lipo is use to treat majority of patients, your surgeon may recommend you an alternate treatment, based on your body type and health situation.

Where will the doctor perform the procedure?
VASER Lipo is generally performed in the surgeon's office, surgery center or hospital.

What type of anesthesia will the doctor use?
For VASER Lipo, you may opt for localized or general anesthesia.

How many body areas can your surgeon treat at once?
You surgeon may specify certain number of areas to be treated and the highest amount of fat that can be removed per treatment.

How long the post-operative swelling may last?
Though swelling may happen up to four months after the operation, contact your physician immediately, if you found any problem with your swelling. Try to avoid some activities to recover at a fast pace.

Find out that when you will have tighter skin after undergoing VASER Liposuction?
VASER is the latest medical device using ultrasound technology, which liquefy the fatty cells, causing less damage to tissues than the traditional technique of liposuction. Thus, better skin tightening has been found in case of VASER Liposuction.

When can one notice the results?
Since, VASER Liposuction causes minimal bruising and swelling, noticeable improvement is visible immediately. However, it takes around three months to see the final outcome of the treatment.

In which areas does this technique work best?
Though VASER technique is implemented all over the body, it best effects are noticed in three areas. The first two are the male breasts and flanks or love handles, particularly in slim patients. The third area is that specific region of the body, which has already undergone any sort of liposuction. Better result is achieved when that area is treated second time with VASER.

Is there any chance of gaining weight afterwards?
If you maintain a healthy lifestyle coupled with balanced diet and strict exercise regime, there is minimal possibility of gaining weight after the operation.

What are the common side effects?
Side effects in this case are minimal since VASER technique causes less damage of surrounding tissues. Thus, the intensity of pain, swelling or bruising is much less in comparison to the traditional procedures.

How long does it take to recover?
Patients having VASER liposelection generally experience a faster recovery in comparison to patients undergoing conventional liposuction. Unlike traditional liposuction, VASER patients are treated with light exercises in a couple of days. Moreover, they are back to normal life within two weeks. However, they should maintain their dressings for full six weeks.

Are the results of VASER Lipo permanent?
It should be remembered that VASER Lipo is mainly related with the reduction of excess body fat by liquefying the fatty cells. So there are chances of gaining weight if you do not maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime to achieve the ultimate success.

What is the cost involved in the entire process?
If you want to treat your abdominal, flanks and inner thighs, the cost will be around $10, 000 - $14,000. However, do some good research as the treatment costs do vary.

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