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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Want to Know How to Start Losing Weight After Menopause? Here's How to Do It Safely

Losing weight after menopause is an issue that many women are concerned with, and day after day the Internet is flooded with inquiries into this subject. Now most women usually get concerned about this issue right after they have eaten a heavy lunch or dessert but the fact of the matter is that no matter what, after menopause you are going to gain weight.

Women absolutely have to stay active after they have reached menopause if they want to maintain a slim and sexy figure. It is very disheartening for women to have to go from a size 2 to a size 10. The average amount of weight that most women gain during menopause is usually 15 to 30 pounds, and a lot of women gain at least 30 pounds after menopause.

They are absolutely bewildered and confused on this because of the fact that their cabinets are empty of all the fattening foods and yet they are still gaining weight. What angers me is the fact that I am always getting questions about this issue, but all the people who are asking it are wasting time instead of doing what's important which is exercising more often.

There are a lot of things that change due to menopause. So some of the things that change because of menopause are the hormones in a woman's body, their stress levels, how well their hormones are able to produce insulin and maintain their metabolism, women become more prone to live a sedentary lifestyle after menopause, a woman's thyroid begins to function abnormally than it should, and she becomes more allergic to certain foods.

All of these changes play an important role in why it is so common for women to gain weight after menopause, but in my opinion it is stress that causes the weight gain. It is a fact that many women succumb to stress more often than men do, and when they go through menopause it really amps up the stress.

There are a lot of things that changes in woman's life such as her children leaving after their teen years going into adulthood, problems on the job, problems in their marriage, and many other issues. Because many women smoke, drink caffeine, and eat fattening snacks to help them deal with stress they are going to gain weight easily.

For you to start losing weight after menopause you need to be exercising more often and eating healthier foods. You should be eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables in your meals, and you need to be staying away from the fattening foods and junk foods that have caused your weight gain. Remember that fat is easily stored after menopause so you have to be twice as active in concern to exercising as you were before.


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