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Monday, January 16, 2012

What You Must Know to Get in Great Shape at Home

Do you hate the thought of dragging yourself down the gym every day, and being judge by the eyes of the other gym goers? Don't worry you can get yourself into fantastic shape in the comfort of your own home. However there are several things which you must pay particular attention if you plan to lose weight and get in shape at home.

One of the main problems with home fitness is motivation. When you get into the local gym you have made the journey and got into the gym, that's part of the effort already done, so you may as well complete your workout! When you are working out at home you are already there anyway, you don't have to make a special journey and you don't have to force yourself to get out the car and actually go in the gym. This makes it very easy to just skip a workout.

A great way to motivate your self is to start to set some challenges and goals. Goals are a great way of staying focused on what you want to achieve and to remind your self why you are working out in the first place. Break down your goals into long term and short term, and most importantly write them down to make them real. Your long term goal could be to reach a target weight in 12 weeks time, where as a short term goal could be to lose 2 pounds this week. It is better to make your goals tough, that way you will push yourself more, and if you don't reach the goal you set you can just readjust it with a bit more experience as to how difficult it may be.

Setting challenges in your workouts is a great way to start having fun with them, and will actually have you looking forward to each workout, rather than dreading them. With each workout you should be aiming to do better than the previous, but you should also push this to a new level. Set your sights on lifting a weight for so many reps, or even beating a personal best, as I said this will get you looking forward to your workouts giving you a bit of self competitiveness.

Another problem with using your home as your gym is the amount of distractions you have to resist! TV, computers, children (if you have them), job, the fridge, and many more, can be easy excuses to put off your workout, cut short or just complete rather half heartedly.

To combat this you should get into the habit of setting a workout slot in your day, and sticking to it religiously. If you keep working out in your set slots, and make sure you complete every workout, eventually your workouts will become as normal to your daily routine as brushing your teeth! Also if you get distracted by the TV, don't turn it on, stick on some good workout music instead.

I've only spoke about the negatives about getting in shape at home so far, but I don't want to put you off, it is important to know that there are also many positives to using your home as your gym. The expensive gym fees, the petrol saved, the journey time saved, the journey time saved, avoiding the judging eyes and discomfort that can happen at a public gym, and no need for a babysitter, to name just a few of the benefits you can get from using your home as the gym. Ensure that you pay attention to the points made above and you will have great success with your home fitness.

If you hate the gym don''t worry, you can get in fantastic shape from the comfort of your own home and it can be easy and fun. Jon Allmark shows you how to master home fitness and will guide you along at

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