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Monday, January 30, 2012

What You Need To Know For Improving Digestive Health And Losing Weight

Due to a few bad lifestyle decisions and a low quality food diet, we now have more sickness and disease than ever before in our history. Did you know obesity is a new disease? Although this is a sad fact, it is very interesting considering how much our race has developed in science and technology. There is a direct link to digestive health and losing weight.

Our ancestors of a century or two ago, either grew, traded, or killed their food. Fat people were a rarity. Their food was gotten from a farmer's basket or bushel. Today we get most, if not all our food from a supermarket shelf.

Science - friend or foe?

Well, it's science that enabled the food to be on those shelves. Our food is now processed so it can be preserved longer, look better, and maintain it's good taste. Many man-made chemicals have been invented to make all this possible, and while it has provided many conveniences, industries, and a new modern lifestyle, it is responsible for many illnesses and disease our ancestors never had.

Even going back to the earlier part of last century. In the 1940's statistics show that less than 1% of children were overweight or fat. Today it's 60% of children in grade school that are overweight. This gets worse because today, 80% of Americans are overweight and obesity has never been as high.

It's not how much you eat

Does it sound like there's link between the type of foods we eat and being fat? But it's not the amount of food you eat that makes you fat. You can eat food all day long and not get fat. If those foods are all natural, such as fruits, vegetables and unrefined grains.

But if most of your diet consists of the typical processed foods from the supermarket like frozen dinners, snack foods, soda pops, white bread, etc you will not only get fat, but unhealthy as well and develop some type of disorder and eventually a disease.

Refined sugars and trans fats make you fat!

Once you eliminate these unhealthy and harmful foods from your diet you will start to get healthier and it won't be long that you will feel more energetic and start losing the weight. Never mind the fad diets, the results are only temporary anyway. It's the man-made refined substances, specifically refined sugars and trans fats that we have to thank for so many fat, overweight, and obese people.

What you need to know about improving digestive health and losing weight

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