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Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Healthy Foods That Could Make You Fat

Many people stock up on what they think is healthy food when they make the decision to lose weight. Their intentions may be good, but if they're grabbing these foods listed below, their actions may actually sabotage their weight loss efforts.

#1 Fruit - This is highly controversial, but fruit isn't for everyone. At least not right away. Fruit is high in sugar and for the overweight individual, may actually do more harm than good in terms of weight loss. If you do consume fruit it should be at breakfast time only.

#2 Whole Grain Crackers - All carbs are broken down to sugar and cause insulin spikes. Whole Grains usually have more fiber and slow the process down. Whole grain crackers are still processed carbs and usually don't have a lot of fiber.

#3 Fruit Juice - Fruit juice may seem healthy when you consider the alternatives like soda pop and other sugary drinks. However, when you get into what fruit juice is, you'll learn quickly that it is not that good for you. Imagine you have a wonderful home and it's the middle of the winter. Now imagine you took the walls off that home. Not so good anymore is it? The fiber in fruit is removed during the juicing process, which leads to a faster insulin spike and more calories stored as fat.

#4 100 Calories Snacks - This, in my personal opinion, is the stupid idea food manufactures came up with. Unfortunately, it worked and we fell for it. 100 calories of unhealthy cookies and crackers is still bad for you. And a 100 calories snack... If I am hungry, 100 calories is not enough to satisfy me until my next meal. Most people will eat this 100 calorie snack and then not feed themselves for another 3 hours when they're body needs more.

#5 Pizza - I know, pizza isn't a healthy food. However, congress recently ruled that pizza was a vegetable and schools who served pizza did not need to add another vegetable. How is pizza a vegetable you ask? According to them the tomato paste in the pizza sauce makes it a vegetable. Forget that tomato paste makes up a small percentage of the pizza sauce and the pizza sauce is only a small percentage of the pizza. Furthermore, forget that tomatoes are biologically a fruit (congress ruled it a vegetable several years ago). Just goes to show you that our government really cares about our health, huh?

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